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Okay, now is going to sound a little bit weird.

Last week, my girlfriend's dog obviously needed to pee, but neglected to tell anyone and just starting peeing on my xbox 360! Gross right?!

So I was up like a rocket cleaning it up. While cleaning it up, the HDMI cable fell out of the back, leaving the connected bit in the back of the xbox, if that makes sense. The other end then fell out of the back of the TV leaving the gold connecting bit still in the back of the TV. I think that was from a mega-thunderstorm a few months ago which totally screwed up my xbox 360's connection to the internet along with the router. Obviously this thunderstorm had also destroyed the HDMI cable.

Anyway.....during the whole dog pissing episode, the xbox went a bit nuts, opening and closing the tray repeatedly. The whole time my copy of GTA5 was in the tray.

Now, after ordering a new HDMI cable, I started it up again the other night and for some reason the music is skipping in GTA5, the music from your radio and just general noise, also the game has started to skip slightly.

What I need to know is, is it the disc, the xbox or the new HDMI cable, which was worryingly cheap (only £1.50)

I put another game in and that didn't seem to skip, so maybe it's the disc, but the way the XBOX boots up makes me think it's he cable.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Do you have a friend who can test your cable or disc for you? That might be the easiest way to test each of the pieces.

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Sounds like the disk is scratched to me. Definitely test the cable at a friends house. Also test the game at your friends house as well without using your HDMI cable and see if it still skips. If it doesn, then you know it's the disk. You can clear the disk yourself or have it professionally cleaned and that should fix it.