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So I have two Xbox 360s, a slim model and a phat model. I was thinking of selling the old phat model and was hoping to use all the Downloadable games I own (they're well over 60 by this point) as a means to ask for a bit more money. However I don't want to leave my Xbox account there as anyone could enter it and do whathever they want.

Is there a way to delete my old account but still leaving the downloadable games in a playable state?

For that matter, how much do you think a used Phat 360 model should sell for? It has a 250GB hardrive and as I mentioned well over 60 Downloadable games including Dishonored, Dark Souls and more.

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The answer: Nope. Not legally anyways. There are crazy modders that might do something, but it could get that Xbox 360 banned from online and worse, ban the Xbox Live Account.

If you want to sell your DD games with the 360 you have to sell your account. The person buying would get access to your account, gamerscore, and therefore 360 DD games. If you delete the account off the 360, the DD games turn into trials. That should have been obvious though back in 2005 360 launch.

I bought two Xbox 360's back in 2005's launch. I learned a lot about console DD and DRM having experienced RROD 4 times and E73 once. This resulted in many 360 replacements over the years. Having new 360s I learned the hard way how the DRM on DD games work on 360. It all makes sense.

This is why I don't buy DD games on console unless they are incredibly super cheap. I have over a 100+, but I paid very, very little knowing I couldn't sell/trade/lend/borrow/collect/gift these console DD games. On top of that, the DD games you listed were just free XBLG GwG "freebies", so they aren't as exciting as millions have those games and would be presumably selling their accounts with the same GwG free games.

Used prices? Check Gamestop, Best Buy, and other retail outlets to get an idea of what they sell for. Those places offer warranties and exchanges so if you want to be competitively priced and most likely YOU won't be offering warranties and exchanges the retail stores offer, people will be expecting to pay much less for your used 360s or they may as well go buy them used at retail.

People expect a great deal when buying from some random user as it's far more risky than retail used product.

Also, if you are selling older 360s, not the new model, those sell for less since chance for RROD is much higher.