Xbox 360 Controller RB not clicking as LB does ?

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Hello o/

So as the title says, I got a Xbox 360 controller that I use to play on PC, but the big deal for me is:

Not clicking RB or LB buttons are a signal of my controller going to heaven ?

Well, since I noticed this issue, I dind't have a problem of the input not working, every time I press RB it does what it supossed to do, but it's a really huge difference one from another, the loud "mouse clicking" sound from LB is annoying but seems more responsive than RB doing little to no sound.

Also, the RB button seems to be "buried" but not locked.

Well, sorry if this is a really stupid question, I just want to know if it's ok, if it's common for a long time controller to behave like this, or if It will need replacement. -not soo cheap in my state :( -

Thank for your time guys, I will really apreciate any answer I get

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Don't you guys have where to repair your controllers ?

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you could try pulling both sticks out as far as possible (without breaking them), and then smacking them back into the controler (again, try not to break it lol). i have also had slight issues with the sticks on my controler, and found that this always fixed it.

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@lucemon2013: Hello @lucemon2013 , I have the exact same problem that you described but for the left bumper (LB) ; LB does what it's suppose to do (most of the time) but there's definetely a difference with the RB button. The loud "mouse clicking" sound from RB is absent in LB and RB seems more responsive than LB doing little to no sound. And just like you said, my LB button seems to be "burried" but not locked.

Also, each time I press the LB button (to aim) I need to apply all my strenght for it to work. Otherwise I dont aim at my target and I got killed instead...

I tried pulling out the sticks like @michaelh said but it didn't change anything for me. Did it worked for you ? Or have you tried something else and did it solved this problem ?

To the others, any other suggestions ?

I will really apreciate any answer I get, and thank you for your time.


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hello my xbox elite controller had the LB stop working before that it wasnt working very well comapred to the RB but in the end it broke as there only plastic but there cheap to buy a replacement online they come in diffrent colors as well and include the screw driver and parts to do the small job yourself. theres also youtube videos showing how to do this as well

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wow its good