Wreckfest Deluxe, Missing Preorder Car and DLC?

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I preordered Wreckfest Deluxe and redeemed the Game Pass in-game. How do I get the pre-release car? How do I get to the Deluxe content?

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Found this information

Wreckfest Pre Order Deluxe

Pre order incentive:

The game itself, 24h early access plus the post-apocalyptic pre order car!

The Deluxe Edition includes the game itself, plus:

- 20 crazy and iconic new vehicles

- 20 insane roof decorations

- Car customization pack with new armor, rims and more

All items will be released post launch of Wreckfest, over the course of 8 DLC packs.

The preorder car check to see if you have downloaded it from the Xbox store if it has and isn't in the game ( Bandit Ripper V8)

Then contact Xbox support who will be able to help you further

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now normally i would say something about never ever pre ordering games before release and to always always get a demo of it first if possible but im not going to because wreckfest is legit i unfortunately cant help you with this though your going to have to get in touch with bugbear only they can help with something like they will most likely ask for the code your puchase reciept and id so make sure you have those ready when you contact them as they are the only ones who can help you. (NEVER pre order games or you just might end up with another FO76)