Will you buy a Microsoft XBOX ONE?

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Posted by GH05T-666 (1013 posts) 3 years, 9 months ago

Poll: Will you buy a Microsoft XBOX ONE? (122 votes)

Yes! 77%
No! 23%
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#1 Posted by CamoBullo (721 posts) -

The possibility exists. I probably won't get it immediately, though. It's launch titles are fairly weak, most of them being on other systems for cheaper prices.

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#2 Posted by sukraj (26941 posts) -

Yes i'm getting the Xbox One Day One Edition along with a free copy of Fifa 14 and Ryse, Dead Rising 3.

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#3 Posted by iampenguin (396 posts) -

Not at all. I will never use the Camera kinect thing. The specs arn't as good as the PS4. I prefer the look of the PS4 and it can't stand up right.

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#4 Edited by Blu3V3nom07 (30 posts) -

Yes, day one. Dead Rising 3, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, and NBA Live 14 for now.

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#5 Posted by MAILER_DAEMON (45906 posts) -

If so, definitely not this year.

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#6 Posted by The_Rick_14 (9945 posts) -

Maybe someday. I've decided to go with PS4 first but as the feature-sets of these consoles become fully realized throughout their lifecycles I will always have an eye open and may switch over. Time will tell.

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#7 Posted by CTR360 (8275 posts) -

yes next year with halo 5

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#8 Posted by sukraj (26941 posts) -

@CTR360 said:

yes next year with halo 5

Yeah i'll probably get Halo 5 next year.

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#9 Posted by RimacBugatti (1632 posts) -

When they drop the Kinect I will for sure. Forza 5 would be definite and I'm also liking the looks of Dead Rising 3. I would consider Ryse as it's a different kind of game but won't make a move until Microsoft drops that Kinect.

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#10 Posted by Megavideogamer (6341 posts) -

I will eventually buy an Xbox one.Since I have gotten all consoles of each generation. 4th SNES & Sega Genesis, 5th Playstation & Nintendo 64, 6th Playstation 2, Xbox, & Nintendo Gamecube Gamecube, 7th Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii. 8Th Playstation 4 and Nintendo Wii U and to keep the tradition going I will buy Xbox One. I try to have all of the console of each videogame era to be able to enjoy the games on each. Alas these are the consoles I still have others like the TG 16 and Sega Saturn etc have been sold. Sigh I try not to sell consoles and game. but sometimes life gets in the way.

So Yep I will eventually buy Xbox one. I have spend a ton of money on Playstation 4. So Xbox one will be next as I don't have the cash to get both at launch. But I will get around to Xbox one. Since eventually Halo 5 and Gears of War 5 will be released on Xbox one. Right now I kinda like the idea of Killer instinct for Xbox one. Wish it was a proper retail release on disc instead of the "Free to play" Demo. That is just lame. If a proper version of Killer Instinct was available at launch. It would be more inspiring. But maybe but the time I get the $500.00 together. They will have decided on a proper retail release for Killer instinct. Instead it is just a afterthought.

Maybe MS will have learned that the Kinect V2 Camera has failed with Core & hard core gamers and will have a bundle without it. Even though MS has stated that it will be bundled with each Xbox one. But thus far has prove useless for games. Except for Dance Central which MS could offer a bundle with that game for the Casuals.

So For now I shall wait and see how all of this Xbox one stuff pans out. But eventually i will buy an Xbox one .

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#11 Posted by Mo-licious (602 posts) -

Definitely. Day one. :)

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#12 Edited by marcheegsr (3113 posts) -

In the new year I'll buy it. Mostly because I love the forza games.

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#13 Edited by BlueCash (518 posts) -

Day one.

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#14 Posted by sukraj (26941 posts) -

@BlueCash said:

Day one.

same here

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#15 Edited by superclocked (5864 posts) -

We've got a Day One Edition preordered for our oldest son...

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#16 Posted by TeldurUK (25 posts) -

Although my heart says PS4, with the large amount of friends who I game online with going for the Xbox One it would be silly for me to not follow suit.

It isn't a case of I really don't like the One, it's a case of more recently my PS3 has gained more use over my Xbox. Coupled with the One's announcement issues I thought "you know what? I'm going to get the PS4 first"

Looking forward to next-gen regardless of console choice anyhoo.

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#17 Edited by Blueresident87 (5635 posts) -

My answer is yes, but it won't be anytime near the release. Nowhere near that

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#18 Posted by MarcRecon (8077 posts) -

@Blueresident87 said:

My answer is yes, but it won't be anytime near the release. Nowhere near that

Same here....by the time I get it most of the tittles I want will be dirt cheap!!

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#19 Edited by Starshine_M2A2 (4771 posts) -

Probably at some point after launch once they release the new Halo but otherwise, PS4 is the only actual gaming platform left these days.

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#20 Posted by Revixe06 (1021 posts) -

Yep. I pre-ordered mine the day it was announced. Just had to have that Day One Edition.

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#21 Posted by Solaryellow (3428 posts) -

Although I have a next gen system ready to go in November, nothing available for either system compels me to buy either of them. I just lack the excitement because, as someone said, the current systems will still be supported for some time. Batman, South Park, etc.., are just a few titles which will keep me motivated with the current systems.

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#22 Posted by nyc05 (10190 posts) -


Day One Edition and Dead Rising 3 for me.

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#23 Posted by Blueresident87 (5635 posts) -

@MarcRecon said:

@Blueresident87 said:

My answer is yes, but it won't be anytime near the release. Nowhere near that

Same here....by the time I get it most of the tittles I want will be dirt cheap!!

Exactly! There's even the chance that the system(s) will be cheaper as well, who knows

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#24 Posted by fatooosh (979 posts) -

ya Day One Edition

console+2 Controller+Forza Motorsport 5 Limited Edition+Dead Rising 3+Ryse

and canceled watch dogs

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#25 Posted by GAMEPLAYKING (28 posts) -

I am undecided as to which console to get so placed a pre order for both consoles ages ago, so am guaranteed either at launch. Have got Xbox 360 and PS3 at the moment and have enjoyed games on both. Have heard specs may be better on PS4 but like the idea of dedicated servers for all Xbox One games.

Only game I am interested in on PS4 at the moment is Infamous Second Son which is not out until March 2014. I like the look of Dead Rising 3 and I know Forza 5 will be amazing. As I love Fifa 14 I am guaranteed it with a day one edition console.

Also love Need for Speed games. I do like PS plus on PS3 but apart from Driveclub, I'm worried the only free games we will get are the Indys which I would never play.

Where is Uncharted 4 or the new God of War games?

Am I better off getting Xbox One instead?

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#26 Posted by I-AM-N00B (470 posts) -

Yes, I'm getting it at launch and cant wait! This gen has become stale now and has gone on for too long, Xbox One is the only true next gen console out there, it has great new features and the best exclusive games, not long to go now either!

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#27 Posted by Leftel (103 posts) -

I have X360 but I don't think I would buy Xbone anytime near the release.

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#28 Posted by Hells_rebelion (2957 posts) -

Yeah, got them both just because. Might as well while I have the extra money. Not totally stoked about the launch titles though. Specially since watchdogs got bumped. Dead rising should quell my thirst for a next gen title till the better ones launch cough *Titanfall .

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#29 Posted by The_Last_Ride (76371 posts) -

Nope, i am going to go with PS4 this time

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#30 Edited by mjf249 (3000 posts) -

Yep I will be buying one eventually, probably not until next year though.

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#31 Posted by wyshouldi02 (25 posts) -

Day one, tits out for the lads?

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#32 Posted by yagr_zero (27850 posts) -

I'll probably wait until the price comes down a bit before I get one.

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#33 Posted by sukraj (26941 posts) -

@Yagr_Zero said:

I'll probably wait until the price comes down a bit before I get one.

have fun waiting along time for that to happen.

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#34 Posted by donalbane (16383 posts) -

Yeah, and I can't wait. It's going to be one crazy Thanksgiving.

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#35 Edited by buccomatic (1941 posts) -

watch dogs and drive club both delayed = no point in buying xbox one.

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#36 Posted by ohaifrancy (126 posts) -

I am getting it Day one. My main reason was for Halo 5 :D

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#37 Edited by kingcrimson24 (823 posts) -

I'll buy it but not now at lunch , i'll get it around summer 2014 or maybe 2015

you see i still have many awesome games to play on xbox 360 ,and destiny and Dark souls 2 are coming to xbox 360 too so i won't buy a next gen console any time soon . i'll buy them when there are not too many games on xbox 360 to play and xbox one price drops

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#38 Posted by Grayman51 (25 posts) -

I'll give it six months before I jump in and buy an Xbox One, as I think by then all the bugs will have been identified and most issues sorted plus I think most of the game niggles will have been sorted to. I also have a shed load of games still to play on both the 360 and PS3

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#39 Edited by ModdersDepth (25 posts) -

@iampenguin: lol you prefer the look of the ps4 lol i'll let that slide but your stupidity is funny. simply because a look of a console shouldn't matter this isn't a runway show LMFAO, anyways if you've got the xbox 360, I don't see why you'd switch over especially now.... "playstation" is JUST getting party chat.... they have a terrible UI and overall just for gaming, sorry but I rather own something that can do multiple things also multitask. Now the Kinect. well you don't wanna own a awesome 1080p camera that's has voice recognition and body movement down to the T then by all means lol go to playstation where they copied Nintendo's motion controller... either way I find it hilarious how people don't give things a try they haven't even experienced for themselves yet... but ohhhh welllll. stay ignorant :)

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#40 Posted by minpinmojo (25 posts) -

I will be getting the Xbox One but I wish they would offer one without the kinect for less cashola!

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#41 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (13236 posts) -

There's a small chance but if I do it won't be for a couple of years.

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#42 Posted by The_Last_Ride (76371 posts) -

just curious, is there anyone excited about any Xbox One launch titles?

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#43 Posted by carloscanalesv (120 posts) -

Yes, but maybe late next year.I'm excited for Dead Rising 3 but I think I can wait.

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#44 Posted by Shawnzee_102 (3753 posts) -

Already Paid for, I also decided to skip thanksgiving to play more xbox games.

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#45 Posted by kingrich06 (5403 posts) -

Pre-Order Done :)

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#46 Posted by cynic_glare (25 posts) -

While I am a bit reserved in my excitement for either next gen system, I pre-ordered a day one edition console along with Ryse, Dead Rising 3, and Forza 5. They show some promise.

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#47 Posted by HenryHarperJr (25 posts) -

Preordered the day one edition, waiting for Nov. 22

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#48 Posted by AceCometh (1419 posts) -

Already pre-ordered mine from Amazon. I've never gotten a console at launch, so I'm looking forward to this!

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#49 Posted by sukraj (26941 posts) -

@RimacBugatti said:

When they drop the Kinect I will for sure. Forza 5 would be definite and I'm also liking the looks of Dead Rising 3. I would consider Ryse as it's a different kind of game but won't make a move until Microsoft drops that Kinect.

They will never drop Kinect u have to accept that.

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#50 Posted by roboticdaz (25 posts) -

yes on day one with forza5 and pre ordered titan fall