Will the Xbox One ever have a successor?

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What do you think? Is it too early to tell, or can we imagine just a bit?

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I think we need to wait several years before we can really get into this topic.

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Depends on how well the Xbox one performs in the 8th Generation of Videogames. The Xbox 360 has managed 78.2 million in worldwide sales. But that has been since November 17 2005. So buy the time Xbox One launches it will have been 8 years. The Xbox one may have a successor if it does well. Microsoft seems to have saved the Xbox one which appeared to be headed for retail Doom. So now we Shall see how it performs during the 8th Generation of Videogames.

So the answer is unknown until 5yrs - *yrs

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People were probably asking that question about the playstation 1 and the original xbox. Now look how far we came. As long as the video game industry there will always be the next best thing.

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Way too early to tell.

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Way too early to tell.



Yeah, it's only been a couple of month since the reveal. 

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What do you think? Is it too early to tell, or can we imagine just a bit?

I'm really not so sure, with cloud gaming really improving lately (especially the fact that we can play those games on any device with high settings) maybe we'll see one more gen and then pretty much cloud gaming will take over consoles.
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Depends whether cloud gaming will be ready to take over 7-8 years from now. I personally think it won't be, but that's just me.

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its too early to tell.

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If it sells well then it's guaranteed!

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If console gaming is still big in five years we will be talking about the XBOX One+.  For console gaming to be big in five years there will still need to be a big gulf in price between a console and a good gaming computer. 

There will eventualy be a maturity point in the big game experience and then, once hit, the hardware will standardize and become cheap.  Everything needed to run something like HALO 8 might be no big deal for inexpensive computers in five years.  There is also the WOW FACTOR to consider.  The jump from XBOX to XBOX 360 was startling thanks to HD.  The jump from XBOX 360 to XBOX ONE doesn't look nearly that great.  So if they can't come up with a reason to get people to buy another console we might just see a series of upgraded editions of XBOX ONE.

Five years is a gigantic about of time in tech years.  My guess is that we are seeing the last big deal launch of a game console....

and I wouldn't be suprised if I was wrong.... ;)

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What do you think? Is it too early to tell, or can we imagine just a bit?


Of course it will.

Will it be an Xbox product? Who knows, the sales will dictate if a there is an Xbox 4.

Everything else is just marketing PR spin.