Why Microsoft launch the Halo arcade game?

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Last week in a arcade machine show in China, I saw the arcade game machine which is equipped with the Halo game.

I am quite surprised with this version of the Halo game. And I tried playing the game but did not find any impressive things in the game.

What I feel is jut copy some characters in the Halo and make a new arcade game named in Halo. It totally ruin my good feel of the Halo series.

I just can not understand why they launch such an arcade version of Hal. Do they lack money?

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You're literally the only person I've seen complain about that Halo game...How much do Sony pay their damage control parties? I mean the work to get fake emails, so you can make random accounts in Xbox places to downplay everything they do...sounds like a noble job but don't know if I'm willing to do such charity work.

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These guys are creators, this is probably just a little side project the team did for various reasons...maybe some of them were Arcade enthusiasts back in the day. I seriously doubt it was for money, just having fun and seeing how the result would fare. It's really not a big deal for me, I would like to try it if I see it.

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