Why does changing your XBOX Gamertag actually cost money?

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I know what all most of you are going to say, "ItS tO MAkE sURe NO OnE SpAM ChANgEs tHeiR NaME". OK, good point, but can be COMPLETELY counteracted by the fact that cooldowns exist, like why not have a limited 3 changes a month, or you have to wait a week to change it? Now some of you might say; "ItS tO KeEp tHE sErVErs Up". Well, considering Bill Gates makes a personal 128$ a second, I'd say this is quite an inconsiderate response, because Microsoft is practically one of the biggest TECH company's out there. Microsoft isn't stupid enough to not think of cooldowns, I personally think it was PURELY for profit. Dickheads.

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Because people will pay for it

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@MonsieurX: Yeah, that's why I said they made it for profit.

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because ms wants money ;D

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Simple, they are relying on people to want cosmetic things such as changing their name multiple times. To be completely honest I'm shocked they give a free name change since they are so greedy. Don't get me wrong, I like playing on Xbox as much as the next person, but they try to get every last penny out of their services. I don't think this is a bad thing since its a business, but every decision they make revolves around cost and profit.