Who is buying the Xbox Elite Controller 2?

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Posted by Pandadropkicks (384 posts) 22 days, 16 hours ago

Poll: Who is buying the Xbox Elite Controller 2? (9 votes)

Yes 22%
No 78%

I have to break down and get this. Even though it’s expensive, I play a ton of competitive games, so it’s worth the investment for me. Can’t wait to play Gears 5 with it. What about you guys?

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#1 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (18990 posts) -

As awesome as it looks, probably not. I bought and ended up returning the current Elite, because it was just overkill for me and wasn't worth the $$.

But it looks like another amazing piece of hardware. MS do make the best controllers.

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#2 Posted by 2B-4G10 (26 posts) -

not worth it

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#3 Posted by HEATHEN75 (730 posts) -

I don't think I'm elite enough for something like that.

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#4 Edited by I_P_Daily (12032 posts) -

No, but I might get the first one because it should go down in price to clear stock for the second one.

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#5 Posted by MclarenMaster18 (1558 posts) -

No thanks, I'd rather save my money for Xbox Scarlett.

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#6 Posted by SaltSlasher (1145 posts) -

I would pay $150 for it, I'm not elite enough to pre-order.

Basically if a revised Switch releases this holiday, I'll get it, if not I'll spend money on Elite controller. I already got like $45 in points at GS, so could get the $150 outof pocket I was looking.