Which Would You Buy Now (read description before answering): Xbox 360 or PS3

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Imagine that you're at a store that sells consoles and you had to pick one of these two console to go home with. And you have neither an Xbox 360 or a PS3. Don't take price into consideration. I'm curious to see which one console gamers would choose if they were given the choice right now in the current console generation.

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This belongs more in the systems war section, but ignoring that, as an owner of both I'd say PS3. Don't get me wrong, the 360 is great for multiplayer gaming and has some cool exclusives, but overall I prefer the PS3 exclusives. So now I use the PS3 mainly for its exclusives, as they offer pretty good single player experiences and the 360 is where it's at for multiplayer (and it also has solid exclusives, just not as many, and for me Halo 4 is disappointing, but I'd say it's still better than the Resistance series on the PS3).

As I'm more of a singleplayer type gamer, I'd go with the PS3.

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Sega Saturn
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agreed is i own both as well i was on my 360 non stop but i slowly just got burned out on it. Now im on my ps3 like its nothing. i guess its just the change of games or something but idk id proly go with ps3
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This is a SW topic, but that being said I have always preferred my PS3 over my 360. I grew up with the Sony brand and I like it's exclusive line up more. Also I haven't had any hardware problems with my and Free PSN is great.

But this is just my opinion and there is nothing wrong with someone preferring 360. They both have great libraries, most games are on both systems anyway, so it's just a matter of personal taste.