Where are all the OG xbox games?

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They haven't put anything else out for 6 months. Did they just give up on this? Haven't heard anything.

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It's interesting cause 360 has gone gangbusters in last 6 months. Like if I didn't own a Xbox, I would have got the S just for the games it got in that time frame.

They were also off to such a great start, like they picked some legendary games. Even if just general games from here on out, it wouldn't be that bad. They should do something with 360 having 500+ games and Xbox only has like 30+

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In a box in my closet.

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It's a small team that is working on OG Xbox games and they are doing it for free so give it time. It's also not an easy task due to licensing issues with some games.

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Original gangster?

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Which OG games are you looking for?

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Hoping for Mechassault. (though unfortunately, doubt it'll offer updated matchmaking enabled multiplayer. original multiplayer lobby system sucked.)

Also, Psi Ops and Sudeki.

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At least they released Panzer Dragoon Orta in 4K, I don't need anything else.