What's your Xbox live motto?

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#1 Posted by SymphonicWaves (832 posts) -
Mine is "I will rock yo face!!!" from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.  I wish I could make it longer.
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#2 Posted by yungboi (1466 posts) -
mines "Play B3yond" yes, with the 3 as an "e"
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#3 Posted by flash69 (754 posts) -
lets rock !!!
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#4 Posted by tribalTox (803 posts) -

yeah ATHF...Xcellent choice..can't wait till the movie comes out...

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#5 Posted by mc_gee (727 posts) -
it's a secret!
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#6 Posted by jstarzyk (3507 posts) -
"Locked and Loaded". Couldn't fit, "Denny Crane."
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#7 Posted by Light_Destroyer (2013 posts) -
Bawlz of Tungsten, it wouldn't let me use Bawlz of Titanium.
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#8 Posted by joslop500 (1215 posts) -
"L1ve Fr0m Lo$Angele$":D
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#9 Posted by Millennium_King (4362 posts) -

it's a secret!mc_gee

lol. mines is Pwn* which means Pwnstar which means... well, you all get it.

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#10 Posted by gamerking178 (669 posts) -

New Zealand

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#11 Posted by Pit_italy (965 posts) -

Memento Audere Semper that in latin means Remember Always to Dare. Best quote ever.

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#12 Posted by Sarge1442 (709 posts) -
mines a clan thing me and freinds are the Undying STD Real Red Army (years of halo and weirdoes made us keep adding to the name ) so mine is i am gonorhea and my best freind in real life on the football team is i am aids and we got a guys whos crabs we got a guy who is climitia looks for us lol all our names involves STDs or diseases that are I am _____ like herpes crabs aids climitia etc
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#13 Posted by nicholas400 (163 posts) -
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#14 Posted by deltaboarder18 (2527 posts) -
"say no to emo" because i don't like emos.
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#15 Posted by ArisShadows (22784 posts) -
Mmm.. Video Games
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#16 Posted by mclazyj (4391 posts) -
Forgot my TPS Report.  I wanted to make it "Forgot my TPS Report Cover", but I did not have enough room.  Most Office Space fans get it.
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#17 Posted by SymphonicWaves (832 posts) -
I think you have my stapler? I wonder if that'd fit.
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#18 Posted by Kravyn81 (9438 posts) -

mines "Play B3yond" yes, with the 3 as an "e"yungboi

You = clev3r.


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#19 Posted by tony_fjellborg (1123 posts) -
My motto is "In your face"
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#20 Posted by andyboiii (13629 posts) -
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#21 Posted by MrBoGaNgLes (1022 posts) -

"F-you! I rule at life"


"I hate this f-ing game"
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#22 Posted by darksusperia (6945 posts) -
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#23 Posted by dbzultimate3134 (759 posts) -
no fat chicks
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#24 Posted by dalriders (2062 posts) -

"The World Is Yours"

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#25 Posted by skatefreak89 (5423 posts) -
Henkepenk rocks you......yeah
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#26 Posted by kitty (115325 posts) -
Dyin Iz A Option
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#27 Posted by kahuna9995 (162 posts) -
Mine is "Nemo saltat sobrius" which means "No man dances sober" I did want to put in "Catapultam habeo. Nisi pecuniam omnem mihi dabis, ad caput tuum saxum immane mittam" which means "I have a catapult. Give me all your money, or I will fling an enormous rock at your head" Sadly It didn't make the 21 character limit
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#28 Posted by dawso0n (1767 posts) -
man bear pig
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#29 Posted by TheKid6969 (25 posts) -
Long live TheKid
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#32 Posted by -James- (655 posts) -
Used to be Win or Die Trying Now its Infinity on High
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#33 Posted by Vinny6 (273 posts) -
World Destruction
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#34 Posted by scarytiger (1990 posts) -

ExXtREMe SoIlDeR.... :P

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#35 Posted by Kravyn81 (9438 posts) -
I tried changing mine tonight to the ever witty "Cunning Linguist" only to find out that they blocked in all its various incarnations. I guess I'm not as clever as I had thought...either that or I'm just late to the party. -K
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#36 Posted by pimp_jim (246 posts) -
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#37 Posted by buddy90909 (861 posts) -
$ony Eats Your Cash. (With a diiferent money sign for each. ex. C = Microsoft points sign)
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#38 Posted by danneswegman (12937 posts) -
please don't kill me....
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#40 Posted by arab_prince (4089 posts) -
Beginners Luck
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#43 Posted by III-Rob-III (827 posts) -
Good thread :) Mine is: "Coffee Is My Friend" Haha
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#44 Posted by Fhiz (7718 posts) -
"Hooray, MAGIC JESUS!" Squidbillies is a funny show.
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#45 Posted by Maui00 (8747 posts) -
Tiesto4Life 8)
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#46 Posted by Magical_Zebra (7960 posts) -
"I Am The Monkey".
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#48 Posted by Tamashii-sosaku (2172 posts) -
Mine is "A Brit in Japan." Cos I am yo! Recognise! It's just so people don't automatically assume I'm Japanese and either kick me from the game or don't talk to me. The Chinese are the worst offenders for that. I've yet to be in a room with Chinese players for more than a minute before I'm kicked. They just take one look at my user name and boot me. Of all the worst racist offenders I've come across on Live the Chinese are still by far the worst. They kick anyone who isn't Chinese and especially anyone that they think is Japanese.
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#49 Posted by kyle_toker (4950 posts) -
just go with it
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#50 Posted by vw_Magnum (97 posts) -
Mine is "Keepin' it real" :shock: