What would you like to see in the State of Decay franchise?

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I still play State of Decay for Xbox 360, and it's probably one of the best games I've played. I love the sense of community, the fact you have to help the other characters at your home base by searching around the map for medicine, weapons, materials, etc.

I love how you have the ability to do pretty much whatever you want. There's no time limit, and there's a lot of options on the map to play or explore. You could basically play the game forever, because nothing forces you to play the parts on the map that moves the storyline further. Technically, you could just hang around forever in your home base with around 20 other computer-controlled characters, and occasionally go out zombie hunting. Or simply cruise around the map in your truck.

There is so much potential in State of Decay. Massive online multiplayer definitely comes to mind. If you could play on the map with hundreds or thousands of other players online, that would be amazing. And in this massive online multiplayer server, have base-building options, groups of friends doing their own things, etc, all while the map is overrun with zombies. Or you could create a private game and just invite your friends. I am not exactly sure about online options with State of Decay, but the potential is big there.

What is in State of Decay is really good as is. But the potential for improvement is obvious. Personally, I would like to see more to do at your home base. There should be options in the home base, such as entertainment, like playing pool, darts, cards, basketball, etc, with other players or alone. These activities would be entirely optional, of course, but I think it would go a long way to making the home base feel more like a home.

What would you like to see in the State of Decay franchise?

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Yeah just more of the same, bigger and better, I love their core formula and dedicated servers would be a good first step, polish the gameplay a little more, add more types of vehicles even small planes that could land on nearby water, things like that. Just expand the overall game and polish it, but keep the core mechanics the same or very similar.

My own personal request, something that would likely never happen but would greatly please me if it did , would be to have numerous different kinds of Flashlights, Alan Wake style.

They recently announced a new DLC pack for SOD2 so I am looking forward to trying it out, it is like a horde mode type thing where you defend against 7 waves of enemies I think.