What the heck is with the "post limit?"

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Seriously, this is one of the most ******** things I've seen on a gaming site.

MODERATOR EDIT: Don't use that word.

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I don't get it either.

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I thought it was a scam to get you to upgrade to a premium membership on this site so you could post without limit (I know they had that at one point, but don't know if they still do).

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It's to prevent spam but it doesn't really work. >_>

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Yeah, it appears the post limit is to help prevent spam, does it raise as you post more? or does it never change?

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I was not aware we had a post limit on these forums. I wonder if this applies to everyone or just low level users. Does anybody know what the post limit is?

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Here's what I found:

How we control spam

  1. New users can only post 5 posts a day.
  2. Once a user has 25 total posts, this restriction is dropped.
  3. Flagged content gains +1 karma point for the submitter and the accused. If the moderator accepts the accusor's position, their karma is reset.
  4. Once a user hits +10 karma they are banned from posting.
  5. Karma automatically degrades -1 karma each night.
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@The-Apostle said:

It's to prevent spam but it doesn't really work. >_>

It doesn't work at all

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It's more of a "flood control" than spam prevention.

Next time try to keep any conversations limited to Xbox related discussions.

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