What name for next gen Xbox?

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Hi guys,

Xbox 360 had relation to circle, Xbox One wanted to be All-in-one and what about next Xbox?

Something with 4K or something else? What do you think? :)

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Incoming phonies who think they’re clever!

On topic, I like Xbox Next. It’s forward/futuristic thinking, and it solidifies their position as a gaming mainstay.

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Xbox anaconda should be called Xbox fusion

Xbox lockheart should be a 1080p tablet call Xbox surface

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No idea, but MS need to think long & hard about how its next name can be abbreviated, as the Xbox One was a terrible name, and was abbreviated into ways that made it look stupid.

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XTasy abbreivated XTC but wouldn't go over well because it sounds to much like the drug.

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Can't be clever like sony in their naming routine.

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Well they should of just of called the X a Scorpio, but no they went with Xbox One X, c'mon MS use your brains.

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Xbox Murica!