What ever happened to Mechassault...?

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It really bothers me that Mechassault faded out. It still destroys the crappy spin offs like Chromehounds that tried the genre.... I know it was made by Day 1 Studios - Does anyone have any idea if Day 1 folded or if they just dropped the Mechassault line? The series was doing solid.... I miss it now that original xbox live is off :(. If I'm remembering right I think they make FEAR.
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I feel ya bro, Mechassault was the bomb back in teh day, Chromehound was just crap :\

I hope they can get something out, I know originals should stay originals but I want to see something new like at least a remake of the first game or two

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Mechassault 2 flopped and basically the series faded. Pretty sad because the first game was a lot of fun.
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Day 1 Studios is still around. They are getting ready to release f.e.a.r 3. Also, I found a page that gives some info into a possible reboot of the Mechwarrior series. mechwarrior Looking like a long shot, but it would be nice to have a new game in the battletech universe.
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I believe the guy who founded FASA bought the rights of MechAssault back from Microsoft since they were not doing anything with it. He has a new studio right now, Smith and Tinker I think it's called, and if I remember correctly at the moment he is working on a MechWarrior reboot. Which is the universe the MechAssault games are based off of, but it is a deeper, more customizable experience than the faster paced MechAssault. Looks awesome.

Also, Chromehounds multiplayer was awesome. I logged over 200 hours into it. Slower paced, sure but a great game none the less. Singleplayer blew though.