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Basically, since the Xbox One's launch MS has released several nice updates to the XB1 fixing various issues. I think its currently a great console to play games on. However, what do you think MS has to do to "win" E3 this year?

My list includes:

  • -announce multiple AAA exclusive new IPs
  • -Halo 2 Anniversary with remastered multiplayer online
  • -Introduce a VR headset for XB1 (Use kinect to track it!)
  • -Give update on resolution/framerate status. When will games be running in 1080p?
  • -$100 price drop (But keep kinect)
  • More updates like adding auto sign-in without kinect and other software improvements

Anything you guys would add?

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The biggest thing that Microsoft can do is to announce a price drop. I'm sure that there are going to be some great new games announced, but the best way they can make a come back in the console race is to price the console at $399.99.

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Tons of exclusives and new IP's. Also I don't agree with you on that frame rate status screen, as it'd bite them in the ass. Xbox One is struggling as it is to hit 1080p on games but I'm sure as developers figure out new tricks and tips that'll improve over time and 1080p will eventually be the standard across all games.

Frame-rate is another issue, even on the PS4 we're lucky for games to be running at 30fps most of the time, without dipping even lower than that. Ever heard of the saying, what you don't know can't hurt you? Don't show the FPS.

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Make sure BluRay Drive works when showing off a game :D

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Surprise us in a positive way. That's what I want to see, which would basically be new games that we did not hear about weeks before hand or things that were rumoured. I liked how Ubisoft basically got Watch Dogs and Division to E3 with trailers without anybody knowing about them beforehand. Microsoft needs to do the same, have some great quality games there that will wow the audience and make people want to invest in the Xbox One.

On a personal level, I would be happy to see Halo 2 HD perhaps as I missed playing it (although, this may be controversial, when I tried it at a friends house, the game really bugged me with how dark it was so you could not see units around you, but that may have been my friend had his TV brightness set too low rather than it being a game issue). A new Forza or Project Gotham Racing would be cool (I really feel they missed a trick with Forza Horizon, it would have worked better for me under the Project Gotham Racing name and have it as an open world PGR as the rest of the game aesthetics matched what PGR could have become).

Also I hope we see some indie developers on stage showing off new games and get some play time.

Oh, and one other thing, maybe something that makes Kinect worth plugging in. It really disappoints me how little there is for Kinect and I unplug mine because basically I don't use it at all.

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they'll do great if they do these :

1. Keep the 450$ bundle with a free Game . it helps a lot

2. Halo 2 Anniversary for this year , Halo 5 for 2015

3. Something about Virtual reality with Use of Kinect and maybe a new headset

4. Good , worth playing Kinect games ! We paid for that !

5. Forza Horizon 2

6. Crackdown 3

7. Quantum Break , Sunset overdrive and Fable legends release dates and gameplay footage

8. New Exclusive IPs .

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How about the $200 price drop achieved by a $100 drop and removing kinect.

That and games games games

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This is more what I want from them, than what I think they need to do, but still.

  1. New Viva Pinata
  2. First look at Black Tusk's "Gears of War" title.
  3. Halo title for X1 (either Halo 2 Anniversary, or Halo 5)
  4. New Conker and Banjo titles
  5. Ton of new IPs.
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New IP's!

Something experimental and artsy, like many of the games Sony publishes.

A new version of the Xbox One controller with better shoulder buttons (non clicky).

A new model of the Xbox One with a removable hard drive (nothing proprietary).

More info on Gears, Halo 5, Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo TV show, Forza Horizon 2, Rare's new game, Fable Legends, etc.

A price drop to $430 (with Kinect), and introduce a new SKU for $380 (without Kinect). Give consumers options!

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announce a killer app for q4 2014, it doesnt have the strongest lineup, and I think it lacks a big exclusive

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More IP's

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more exclusive games more jprg i hope microsoft announce shenmue 3 only on xbox one HALO 5 gameplay GEARS OF WAR 4 footage

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1.Halo Wars 2

2.Left 4 Dead 3

3.A new C&C

4.More Xbox One exclusives

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New IP's

Discuss potential Free with Gold for Xb1 games

Halo 2 anniversary

Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break gameplay

Kinect improvements and maybe Dance central announcement

Gears of war development

Halo 5 development, maybe strong teaser/gameplay trailer

Hard drive expansion possibilities

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Everybody needs more games not just MS.

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Hopefully they announce a Halo 2 HD. 343 just can't slaughter the multiplayer by changing it in any way really.

Fixing the super bounce glitch would be fine, but BXR and BXB should stay. It really made the gameplay original and it wasn't often that you come across a modded controller that could quad shot automatically.

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What does Microsoft have to do to "Win" E3 this year? Simple, not be Microsoft lol. There is no way they can win E3. I'm not sure if they ever have won,,,its always been Sony or Nintendo. And frankly while I am very hesitant in E3 this year, its going to be Nintendo who wins. They just have so much stuff to show, and frankly, Zelda's big reveal is going to dominate E3.