What console should I choose

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Hey everyone. I really can't decide what console to buy. Xbox one s or x. I don't have 4K TV and I just want to enjoy playing games like forza horizon, GTA series and FIFA series. Is Xbox one x worth the money? Or Xbox one s is enough for me? HELP Me!

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Depends on the money you have and when will you get a next gen console once they're here.

I own the X and I'm very satisfied with it.

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@beniushis: If you don't have a 4k tv then I would say go for the XB1 S as it does have HDR.

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There's really no point in getting the x over the s, unless you plan to get 4k tv. One s is great value for money, and the main difference is resolution output.

Bear in mind though that your next tv - if it's over 32" - will probably be a 4k tv.

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if u own a 4K TV then its worth getting the X

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Its worth getting the x even if you don't have 4k, the ui is getting worse every update. People part of the insider program are getting pretty annoyed with it because it's getting slugish which apparently doesn't happen on the x. Its also runs some games better and doesn't close the games as often when switching between games and apps.

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I have a standard X1 and don't feel the need to upgrade until the next Xbox comes out. But if I was in your shoes, I'd upgrade to a Xbox One S. Just my opinion.

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Don't get the X if you don't have a 4K TV. The new consoles will probably be out in around 2 years so use the money you save now to buy the new console when it comes out!

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S, the games that you want to play will run fine.

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X box one x.. maybe