vertical or horizontal? whats the best way to keep your xbox 360

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some people like to have their xbox vertical and some like it horizontal? is there a big difference or is it just user preference? what are some precautions that ensure ur xbox will be working for a long time. hit me back
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hey there...Ive had my box since release and have left it horizontal. I have seen videos/forums/blogs etc...showing that DVD's get scratched very easily when in the vertical position. I can probably find those examples for ya if you need. Also keep your box in an extremely ventilated area. NEVER set it on carpet or inside an entertainment center. Put it on top if you have too.
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Its personal preference, however I keep it horizontal and Im on my 4th 360. so I dont really know if vertical will help prolong its life. I just got used to laying mine horizontal due to my 2nd 360 scratching disc only when it was vertical.

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I've had numerous friends complain about their discs being scratched when they have their 360's vertical. The way the disc spins while running can actually go too fast and get out of control and scratch the lens. I keep mine horizonal
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Hey dude, my xbox butchered my discs when it was vertical.

What started out as faint light scratches, ended up being deep "I did this with a diamond ring" with a bit of- "I cant beleive you **** Gears of war". I had to get the 360 repaired and so then i have kept it horizontal. No dramas since.

And yes stick with it being ventilated.

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I use mine vertical and haven't had any problems at all. Only scratching I had was when I moved it while it was on (scratched up my game pretty bad).

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I've had my Xbox since mid 2006 and I've had it sitting vertical ever since. I haven't had any problems with it at all. No scratched games, no overheating issues, and no red lights of doom. Maybe I just got lucky?
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I had my first 360 horizontal and it was fine till the lens stop reading the games (nothing to do with it being horizontal). I put my second one vertical and its been fine ever since. I have never had a disk scratched. Just make sure ur 360 is stable which ever way u put it.

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uhh...i've had my elite vertical ever since it launched....nothing bad happened. it's the best for ventilation, all this scratched disc stuff happens if you move the console while it's running.
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what do you guys think of those stands they have for the xbox. are those really useful or are those just a waste of money.
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I think its a personal preferance also. my 360 I had b4 had its dvd drive broken from being vertical though. It kinda popped it in a way where youd have to eject 3 times to open the drive. I keep mines horizontal now and it seems fine
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I keep it vertical, no problems with overheating and/or disc scratching at all.