Update everytime I turn on XBOX. Help!

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#1 Posted by InjuredNoodle (1077 posts) -
Everyday when I put in a game like Gears or Orange Box it always tells me ther's an update. Everytime I pop in a game, anybody else have this and how can I fix it. Any help would be appreciated.
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#2 Posted by Spartan_385 (5194 posts) -
You can't fix it ,its probably because you haven't played the games for a while and a patch has been released.....thats all I can think of.
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#3 Posted by InjuredNoodle (1077 posts) -
Yeah its getting annoying, I mean I'll play Gears today, wait about 24 hours and load it up again then tells me another update is available. Everyday, it seems like its not saving the updates or something.
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#4 Posted by Gregoroth (2552 posts) -
Tried using a memory card? Seems like your HDD is being awkward.
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#5 Posted by Raz0redge (1796 posts) -
Have you gotten the update message for the same game on consecutive days? Does the update seem to complete and the game start up? Can you play the game without any issues? If this keeps happening on every game everytime you put it in, you should contact MS for help.
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#6 Posted by Blitz1130 (364 posts) -
go to your memory blade, then hit Y for options on the HDD, then enter X,X,LB,RB,X,X, and it deletes all the updates. It's just a corrupt update.
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#7 Posted by InjuredNoodle (1077 posts) -
Thanks I'll give it a try. I mostly play Gears, Orange Box and Halo2 if that helps. The games work fine but it sucks waiting for the updates everytime I want to play.