Underrated RPGs

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#1 Posted by SNel11 (25 posts) -
I love RPGs. I've beat most of the bigger names. I was wondering if anybody has played one you enjoyed that I might not have heard of.
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#2 Posted by Deadman_est1982 (1188 posts) -
Sacred 2 if you like ARPGs.
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#3 Posted by Schreek (1637 posts) -

Lost Oddysey. And if you wanna go way back, Legend of Dragoon for PS1.

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#4 Posted by The_Last_Ride (76371 posts) -
well i think DA 2 gets a lot of hate that it doesn't deserve
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#5 Posted by RedEnergy (831 posts) -

Lost Oddysey. And if you wanna go way back, Legend of Dragoon for PS1.

oh man im just now starting to play LO and legend of dragoon my all time fav rpg back when i was a kid i cant believe i was ten when i played that game now im 22
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#6 Posted by MentatAssassin (3007 posts) -

Blue Dragon is a really good JRPG if you can get past the cutesy-ness of it.

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#7 Posted by marinevetstl (174 posts) -

it was a launch title - Kameo I think it was. Last Remnant was a fun game too.

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#8 Posted by MudoSkills (362 posts) -
Enchanted Arms, an early 360 RPG, was actually a very good game, although the voice acting is terrible. Like other people have said, Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey are also worth playing, although if I was picking between the two I'd go for LO.
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#9 Posted by Celldrax (15035 posts) -

Lost Odyssey seems to be a very overlooked game. I only just recently bought it myself. Though I admit, I'm still trying to get into it. It's been a while since I've played a proper turn-based RPG (probably why it often gets passed over, which is unfortunate).

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#10 Posted by NirdBerd (2113 posts) -

Eternal Sonata

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#11 Posted by Kravyn81 (9438 posts) -
Blue Dragon.
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#12 Posted by ristactionjakso (6118 posts) -

Lost Odyssey & Dark Messiah.

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#13 Posted by CTR360 (8406 posts) -
lost odyssey eternal sonata blue dragon
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#14 Posted by sukraj (27268 posts) -

Fable 2

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#15 Posted by True_Chaos_UK (2570 posts) -

Resonance of Fate.

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#16 Posted by SuperSquall89 (25 posts) -
Infinite Undiscovery is a good Square Enix Rpg
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#17 Posted by EvilSelf (3619 posts) -

Two Worlds 2. Outstanding sequel!

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#18 Posted by the__joker (6013 posts) -

it was a launch title - Kameo I think it was. Last Remnant was a fun game too.


Kameo was a launch title (it was suppose to come for the n64 actually!), but it is not an RPG.

Lost odyssey is what TC has to buy!

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#19 Posted by Gen007 (11006 posts) -

Id say enchanted arms wasnt bad at all especially for the time window it came out in i believe it was like the first jRPG of the gen. Resonance of fate is a good game with awful story which is a shame i mean by the end most people dont have a clue about what happened and for good reason. Still the actual gameplay of it is so strong and unique that id still reccoment it. Also the last remnant was really good imo i had some small gripes about the random factor of the combat but still pretty good and last but not least lost Odyssey is def a must.

All great games really its just that jrpgs have been thrown to the side this gen in favor of stuff like skyrim and what not.

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#20 Posted by SpeccsOps (63 posts) -

Saw II

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#21 Posted by Markey83 (43 posts) -

Lost Odyssey is overlooked and underrated. Check out my review. It's an awesome game.

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#22 Posted by fatooosh (979 posts) -
manga carta 2 dust an elysian tail [xbla] two worlds 2 lost odyssey blue dragon
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#23 Posted by Flamingpostman (1172 posts) -

lost odyssey was a great game. ive been wanting to try some underated rpgs because usually they are the best rpgs

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#24 Posted by debryson (58 posts) -

Alpha Protocol by Obsidian.

It is criminally underrated. If you like Mass Effect you will love this. Its a spy rpg as opposed to a sci-fi one, however the choice system and how the game changes based on your actions would make Mass Effect and Walking Dead, blush.