Ultimate Game Sale is back!

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Definitely some awesome deals on there.

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Got all the games I want until Battlefield V comes out. Pretty satisfied with my game collection,all digital.

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Only bought 1 game lol.

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COD Ghosts may not be the bestest, greatest and most kick ass COD but who can refuse a 15 dollar price with season pass and all ? ..... still trying to figure out what more I can get. Too bad MS didn't extend it to X360 like the last time.

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Got Prey/Dishonored 2 bundle so far. Both Xbox One X enhanced and I do say Prey is a fantastic looking game and sort of different, a must if you like Sci-Fi, sort of like SOMA, Deus Ex kind of thing.

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Picked up Injustice 2 Legendary Edition for $40 and got stomped by my son.

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This should be standard prices

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I just bought The Handsome Collection if anyone’s got that let’s Squad up nothing beats the Co Op !