Troubles with new XBOX

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Hi guys. Hope this is OK to ask for a bit of advice on this.

I just bought a new XBOX ONE S last week because mine had packed in and I downloaded the games I have and it was a very slow process less than 10mb/s for a game it took ages. But I download games on PC and my other XBOX ONE ( the original fat black one) and its always above 40mb/s when I download something. My router speed is fine.

I also logged in to my Sky account on the Sky TV app and it never works just constantly says error please try again later.word counterVidMateMobdro

Also, I tried setting up Kodi and the exact same build with all the same settings as my old XBOX ONE and that can't find anything on the new one?

I'm stuck and I'm from the UK so can't contact XBOX support till night time which is rubbish.

Any advice would be great!