Trading Broken 360 at Gamestop?

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Just wondering if you can trade in a broken xbox 360 (RROD) to Gamestop for credit toward a new one?

My xbox just got out of the 3 year warranty and I found out over phone that the repair will cost $200(the price of a brand new xbox)!!

Yes, I know that if you repair through online its only $100 but if I can get some credit for my broken console I might as well get a new xboxarcade which should be guaranteed to not break down.

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#2 Posted by TheShadowLord07 (23063 posts) -

they don't take broken or open systems

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yes they will take it but instead of it being like 75 bucks its gonna be 45, but they will give u credit for trading it in even if it's broken

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#4 Posted by ChristopherRage (490 posts) -
Your better off sending it in to Microsoft. Buying an arcade version while you wait for yours to come back and then returning the new arcade you bought.
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They wont hand you a new 360, they will plug your 360 in to see if it works.

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I wouldn't be surprised if they did. They re-package used games and sell them as new.
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I wouldn't be surprised if they took in broken 360's they easily have the corporate resources to actually fix them and resell them at quiet a profit.

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I don't think they would take it in. I used to work at Game Crazy, and I know we would never take in broken systems. This group of kids constantly tried to trade-in their broken PS3. I gladly turned them down every time because I didn't want to get in trouble with my manager or district manager.