Titanfall is basically just COD and reviewers are wrong...

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If you like COD then good, it'll most likely satisfy you as it plays largely the same. The same UI, the same sort of unlock system, the crosshair has the X on it when you hit someone, the guns feel exactly the same, the melee works the same and it has the same sort of modes as well.

My problems come though is none of the modes do anything to push the genre forward, COD does more than Titanfall and that is just sad. I just find it so boring to play, the maps are small, the A.I is crap and it all feels far too enclosed for a Mech game.

You'll always end up just being a Pilot, you quickly work out that Titans are weak as, you'll just become big targets and their health isn't big enough to justify it. Also though you just don't kill people faster than as a pilot, you can kill someone running around in a second and so can you as a Titan, there is no advantage to being in the Titan. Why do Titans have to reload? I just find it dumb, a mech like that would have ammo on big chains that are fed to the gun. Pilots cane kill Titans so fast, other Titans can kill Titans... just not worth using them.

So as the Mech gameplay is such a let down, I always just end up being a Pilot, then it just ends up being COD with Double Jump and wall running. However While you do actually do that stuff, you'll spend 80% of the time running around like you do in COD, it just isn't enough to make it that different.

The maps are all bland, there are a few good ones, but they all look the same, nothing stands out and they all play the same too, there is no dynamic damage or any of that. Makes me wonder why the game doesn't perform better, it looks like a Source game, all my other Source games run at 200FPS and yet this one runs at sub 60 on my PC and sub 1080p on the Xbox One. That said the game does look a lot better on your TV, than it does when you see pictures of it on your PC, I was surprised how much better it looked running from my Xbox One that the comparisons.

The story stuff they kept going on about is a let down too, I was expecting Destiny, L4D or even assasult based objective modes like what Quake Wars or RTCW had. Instead though it is basically just a talking head in the corner of the screen, it is just nothing... why did they make a big deal out of this in development?

If COD came out later this year and added the ability to pilot vehicles, had double jump and wall running... what would be the point of Titanfall? With COD you get a Single Player, you get Coop and you get loads of MP modes. They're both the same shooter basically and the stuff that makes Titanfall different, just isn't enough.

I do not understand why it got such high reviews, I mean it is a solid 6 or 7 out of 10, it is well made, but it is mediocre, it offers nothing "meh". I have a bunch of Steam friends (we still haven't bothered with Origin friends) and not one of them liked the beta, they all said it was COD and they're done with that style of FPS. I have friends at work who only play consoles, they all say that they were done with COD years ago and now play Battlefield, or no FPS at all because they haven't bought a new console yet and find it depressing to play a last gen console.

I do not understand how it got such high reviews, I can only see this is reviewers being caught in the hype. Even Jeff from Giantbomb doesn't seem impressed, I listen to podcasts from sites that gave it a 9/10 and they're all not impressed.

Who likes this frigging game?

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It got good reviews because people like it, no point in arguing over reviews as they are completely subjective and you can argue about them all day. I don't understand how you say Titans are weak though. Titans are tools used by the Pilot if yours is weak then change up and try another load-out or maybe Titanfall is just not the game for you, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. But unlike COD Titanfall actually makes you move around the map in Cod you don't need vehicles cause everybody CAMPS, NONSTOP. Actually I think Titanfall is an easy game especially after playing BF and Cod. If Cod came out with vehicles it would mark the beginning of the end of the franchise, because you either have to go big or go home and continue to live in Frostbites shadow, I don't think they could add that stuff and stay true to the Cod vision. Zampella wanted to fix Cod and do something new, he probably got tired of campers on Cod to thinking they are good from sitting in a corner all day getting kills, which is the main reason nobody likes Cod now, and Activision said no and kicking themselves in the rear now for being stuck with COD=campers on duty. Cod is a kids game now IMO Bf for is for the older more mature audience and Titanfall is just a fun easy game for everyone(elite or not)thats easy to get the hang of and it also fixes alot of the stuff people had problems with in Cod.

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You need to learn how to run away when your Titan is in danger. They have Halo like shields for a reason. I agree that the campaign stuff is very disapointing.

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I suck at fps, but I gave Titanfall a try. I never have the highest pilot kill count, I'm lucky to kill 1 or 2 a match. If I run into a pilot they seem to kill me instantly. But I have notice I can kill the titans with ease as a pilot. As a Titan not so much, I'm sure they spent a lot of time trying to balance the gameplay, but for me the game could still use some work. Or maybe I just need to learn how to play better.

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I hated COD but I really enjoy Titanfall, I'm usually pretty bad at multiplayer games, but with Titanfall I find it easy to pick up and play and maybe people hate it for being easy, but I love the game. I'm hooked and see myself playing for a long time to come, what else can I say? I guess it's not for everyone.

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I haven't played it myself but from what I've seen it looks far more substantial than CoD. The inclusion of CnC style mission videos giving continuous weight to each match, the freedom of movement and optional approach to Titans help elevate it above standard online FPS fare.

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Its like a sci fi Call of Duty. Basically just the most awesome game there is in the whole entire existence.

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Unlike cod the maps are great and I havent encountered quick scoping little campers. Also titans are not weak you just aren't very good with your titan yet.

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Play Last Titan Standing to practice.

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Completely respect your perspective as you have tried the game and understand how you draw your conclusions. The A.I. i don't have an issue with being terrible as that is kind of the point, to have easy targets so everyone can get a kill and reduce the time for a Titan, and also allow less experienced players to practice getting kills.

I find a Titan Vs Pilot is stacked in the Titan's favor, the only thing that makes it difficult is where a Pilot takes advantage of being indoors and assists a team member, or gets close enough to Rodeo, which out in the open is difficult. I have racked up major kills by being in a Titan and picking off pilots and A.I, where I get crushed is against multiple Titans.

There is a similar feel to COD in the shooting mechanics and the map layout, however the double jump, wall running and the removal of perks (ok there are burn cards) and the removal of kill streaks i really enjoy. The movement makes it a lot different, and some maps are better than others.

When people comment on being MP only, I played COD 2's demo, then MW2, Black Ops and MW3. Finished MW2's and Black Ops campaign, and with 3 I just couldn't. It felt like the same thing, to me the COD SP are 5 hour campaigns that should be DLC, not a new game. I also jump into multiplayer first, and preferred Black Ops as a multiplayer. MW3 for me had every map exactly the same, except one had a coat of paint for the jungle, one was a city, it was as though same scale same obstacles just different architecture. COD feels like they are charging for a new game every year, where it should be DLC. Titanfall maps have more variety and areas than the COD iterations.

Not overly fussed about game modes in multiplayer as all FPS are pretty much the same. My FPS preferences are Counter-strike and Battlefield because of the scale, cannot play a COD anymore, but Titan fall is a good and fun innovation on the format. I think where it could of really gained life is if it was released on steam and the modding community could of made new maps and new modes. The modding community brought gungame, but that would of cost respawn $$$ in the DLC space.

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If by being "just like Call of Duty" you mean a 'FPS' then yes it is similar, but that is were the similarities end.

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Sure, titans aren't overpowered, but they surely aren't under powered. They feel strong when you know what you are doing with the. They'll go down easily, and sometimes it feels like they die too fast. But, if you don't just hop in a titan and start rushing like an idiot you should be able to pick up a few kills. They're just not invincible tanks designed to give people free kills. They add another aspect into game play - something foot soldiers have to pay attention to.

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I love it... Good thing you and similar gamers are the minority. Just because a style of game is not for you does not make it a bad game...You seem like you'd be more interested in a slower-paced shooter with depth like BF4 or Rainbow Six, but there are plenty of people (in the millions) who love the fast-paced, twitch formula that games like COD bring to the table.

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Fair enough. Often nuance is regarded as revolutionary when it comes to FPS. Its still a good game though.

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Just the mobility alone makes it more challenging, the leveling is just awesome. You never feel like you're over matched. Even as a pilot know I can take down a Titan etc.