Titanfall Beta XBOX ONE - PC - First Impressions Review

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Titanfall First Impressions

Graphics - Titanfall's graphics won't be setting any high end PC's on fire, but it looks very good in my opinion. Running on a modified version of the Source Engine it will run on pretty much anything with Windows 7 or above. As I am lucky to be in both the XBOX ONE and PC Beta and play both PC and XBOX ONE games on the same 60" HDTV, I am in a unique position to compare them. Obviously the PC wins with it being rendered at a native 1080p vs the 792p of the XBOX ONE, but it still holds its own and is not a big difference in motion .

Gameplay - Call of Duty players love how fast the game is but when they get their hands on Titanfall they will be amazed on how much faster it is. It reminds me a lot of the Quake / Unreal FPS in terms of spend, and in my opinion its very refreshing to see.

Nothing is more exciting then watching your Titan being dropped and landing directly on an enemy Titan and immediately killing it, or ejecting with a Titans Pilot after rodeoing his Titan and killing him in mid air, Titanfall has really captured the look and feel of an amazing fps.

Grunts/Spector A.I. & Player Count - Many people have been complaining that the player count of 6v6 is to small, but they fail to realize Respawn has been tweaking this for years now and feels this is the best for the size of their maps and they feel of gameplay they wanted to capture and I agree 100%.

Having A.I. Grunts/Spectors really fills out the map, making it very action packed even with only 6v6. Remember everyone can call down a Titan within 4 minutes, that's a potential 12 Titans all of which the Pilots can disembark essentially making it a crazy action packed game.

Controls - The control schemes are fine, I personally use Bumper Jumper Control set, this allows me to jump and aim at the same time. The one Issue I have been having is Controller Stick Drift, Respawn has an option called Stick Drift Guard but with it on or off my left stick on three different XBOX ONE Controllers causes my Pilot/Titan to slowly strafe to the right. This can be fixed and I hope Respawn addresses this as Titanfall is the only game zi have this problem in.

Conclusions - The game is great, Respawn Entertainment had really spent a lot of time tweaking and balancing the mechanics, and they are pretty much perfect. I experienced little to no bugs other than the controller stick drift issue. I am highly anticipating the launch of Titanfall and I do believe it is a better multiplayer game then Call of Duty but that's not saying much lately. I have my $249.99 Collectors edition preordered and the Limited Edition Titanfall XBOX ONE Controller, I also have the PC version preordered, if that doesn't tell you how much I love this game then I don't know what will.

Anyways if you don't feel like reading you are welcome to watch my Quick Look of Last Titan Standing. http://youtu.be/ZRtUbr3Wpsw

Sorry I posted the wrong link , I just updated it.

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Titanfall can be done less than 4 minutes but yeah if you're just standing around not shooting at anything... it's 4 minutes lol.

I thought the fact that you can get kills to reduce the time to titanfall was a nice touch.

I also like the burn cards

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If any of you fancy playing this game when it comes out or on the beta for now then add me on the xbox one! My GT is... Massey093

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I think the game has great potential either way. Regardless of the graphics which I think look fine for the time being I can handle it.

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I think the game has great potential either way. Regardless of the graphics which I think look fine for the time being I can handle it.

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Nothing special but I'll probably buy it as I'm am in a bit of a drought until Mario Kart comes out. I liked how open the environments seem, not all closed in like CoD. Reminds me more of cysis except easier to get kills.

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I never cared for COD or even Halo multiplayer, but I am officially addicted to Titanfall. The capture the flag mode is one of the best experiences I've ever had in gaming. I can't wait to play the entire game.