"The Division" looks insane on the X, now on Gamepass + lots of engame content

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Along with Fallout 4 this game was recently added to Gamepass, weeks before it also got X-Enhanced, and as a fan of the game I had played on launch, decided to dive back in to see what new content they had, and how it looks on the X now......

Wow….. simply incredible, the lighting at night in the snow storm, lots of cool lighting and particle effects along with the increased resolution is just amazing....been a while I played it but still it just looks insane now, and they have all kinds of engame stuff with daily and weekly missions and survival mode which is pretty cool ….anyways, just an FYI for people who like this kind of game and have an X, you might want to check it out now

Also, happy Father's day to all!

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@Alucard_Prime: Completed the game on the PS4 but I do have game pass and am starting to get into the games there. Might do another playthrough on my X1X to check out what you're talking about. Looks good on the Pro but nothing as insane as what you're describing.

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@cejay0813: Cool yeah you might as well try it out since you have it in GP....it had been a while I played it, and outside in the snow especially at night I just love the look of the game on the X.....One of the better looking games I played recently.....that's just me though :)

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wasnt The Division exactly the game in which the E3 demos looked a ton better then the actual game did?

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I've only played the PC version but yea its an incredible looking game. it has the kind of detail you'd expect in a linear game throughout the entire open world.

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@Alucard_Prime: Yeah downloaded and started playing on the X1 and honestly I can't tell the difference. Lol but I definitely did fall for it again since they've made changes.