Technically speaking how far behind is the Xbox One to a PC?

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Just like what the title says... I am just curious about technically speaking how far behind is the Xbox One compared to a really good gaming PC?

I am not trying to start anything as I play games on everything, for instance I have a gaming pc that built myself and I have an Xbox360, PS3, PS4, and I will get an Xbox One soon. So that being said please don't argue over one system/console over the other, as I am just asking a question that I am wondering about. Thanks.

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Infinitely? Don't think graphics matter that much though.

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Who really cares anymore as a PC gamer myself I'm more than impressed with next-gen graphics (and I'm only judging by youtube videos).

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PC gaming is in constant evolution, so I guess that can't be measured

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The graphics that the consoles produce are far more than acceptable for years to come. I even think that Dreamcast graphics on some games are fine and that's 14 years old. Like you said gaming makes me feel like a kid and does the fact that I'm single and without offspring so that I can play without being yelled at. Now I have to say the original Playstation had horrible graphics as why I didn't get into gaming until the following gen. Although after that it has been fine in my opinion. Xbox One isn't even performing as well as PS4 and PS4 is pretty far behind high end PC's. The GTX 690 in comparison can produce not only double the resolution but atleast triple the framerate that Xbox One produces. Ofcourse a machine like that would be 8 times the price. So considering the price point I would say it's a hell of a machine. A $500 computer can't keep up with the Xbox One as everbody says it can.

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The video quality of consoles are good enough for me. What I miss about PC gaming is the ability to deeply modify games (Left for Dead in Helms Deep anyone?) and that you can get more strategically minded games on the PC.

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@doubalfa said:

PC gaming is in constant evolution, so I guess that can't be measured


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You Americans can build a PC that is pretty close to an Xbox One Performance level for only $500? Well GOD DAMN!!!!!!

My PC which in today's standards is pretty lame (specs in sig) cost me well over $1100 so i'd hate to imagine what a PC around the PS4/Xbox One performance range would cost here in Australia.

Anyways bang for buck you cannot go wrong with Xb1/PS4.

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To answer your question.. the Xbox and PS4 are both very very current in terms of PC technology.. and in some ways (unified memory for both, Kinect 2 for the Xbox) are ahead of PC in technology terms.

If you were to build a PC with the same, or similar (as both new consoles use customised silicon) low power components you'd be looking at paying 20-30% more for a PC build, but the PC build would not give the performance of the new consoles (due to factors such as O/S, motherboard architecture etc..)

What they are NOT, is more powerful than PC's can be, as you can put graphics cards into a PC that just blows the consoles out of the water in performance terms.. but that is a totally different question :o)

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@magicalclick: Completely agree.

Also, I feel the developer's hands are tied, they must optimize these games for the console to make a profit. Imagine if they only optimized these games for the PC, or if the console was able to be upgraded ( hardware ). How much further we would be with graphics or game-play?

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The graphics are fine for now. Gameplay overall is great but our standards have changed. We demand progression at a greater rate than we progress. That's a huge problem.

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Compared to high end PC's, it's quite far.

Compared to mainstream GPU's like the GTX 760... well still pretty weak in comparisons. I'd say it's more like a GTX 650 Ti... but I could be wrong. I think they should have opt more for like a 78xx. Although that RAM does help for higher res textures. Most noticeable difference will be in lighting, aliasing, shadows, and resolution.

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Depends on the PC. As PC has so many different variables and the Xbox is a constant, so it is difficult to judge

. Don't forget, there are people who are willing to sink thousands into a PC because, well.. That's their thing. The average PC graphics are still on par with the xone/ps4. Furthermore, due to consoles being somewhat specialized, you will always need to upgrade

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The graphics are fine, I think a little below high end pc, but all we have seen so far are launch titles, which are usually rushed with little development time. Still pc will always be a head in the graphics, resolution and Frames race. At this moment I'm enjoying the streamlined UI of consoles, as well as the exclusives, Forza 5 is awesome.