Skyrim Wedding Glitch (360)

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I Just got Skyrim for the Xbox 360, (a little behind the times, I know) and I am trying to marry Mjoll the Lioness. I bring her back her sword, I ask her to marry me, we set up the ceremony, and everything starts out fine. However, when the wedding party arrives, and everyone comes in to the chapel, Lydia's body randomly drops in the doorway (I should point out Lydia died fighting a dragon about five levels ago, and that's what one the reasons I want to marry Mjoll, she can't die) and it says I fail the quest. Did this happen to anyone else? Any ideas? Thanks
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Never mind, I found out how. You have to talk to her and the priest and get a second chance, then use unrelenting force to push the corpse out of the way. Thanks anyway.
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It's a known glitch... I choose to wait elsewhere so that when the game kicks back in my corpse (not Lydia, someone I killed in a Daedra quest) didn't appear.