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I would like to take this time to thank Treyarch for continuing to use the same lag compensating system that was used in MW3. I had heard roumors that they changed it back to the same system used in the first BOs to give people, who always get the short end of the stick, a FAIR chance. I was affraid for my false sense of confidence. Now i can continue to convince myself that i am a pure BADASS by continuing to run the maps with a pistol and destroying the other team by using tequniques such as; shooting bullits around corners (like the movie Wanted), dodging bullits (like Neo from The Matrix), and just popping out of thin air (like Nightcrawler from XMEN). Thus making myself seem to be a superhero who picked up an xbox controller. I have decided to call mysef "Xboxman".

Just kidding! its actually unplayable for me. i thought lag comp was supposed to level the playing field. or maybe i just suck at playing FPS. since i have been playing them online since Halo 2 that seems like a feasable option...right? i cannot continue to hope the next game will be in MY favor for once. I know i am not the only one affected by constantly getting pooped on by the lag comp system. ill tell you where it fails. though it adds lag to the host this does not mean it takes away his/her advantage. it only ups it because if he/she runs around a corner, from HIS/HER prospective they still SEE around the corner before their xbox SHOWS them run around the corner to the observer and are ALWAYS able to fire first. in short; lag comp affects only the people observing the host and not the host at all. there has to be a better way. i know i cannot possibly be as bad as the game makes me out to be. i guess corner campers are the smart ones.