Should I get Cuphead?

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I've been hearing people that say Cuphead is super hard, but the game looks and seems like it would play beautifully. I just came here if anyone could advise me on what to do.

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@platinumpluto: I like Cuphead, but in the time I've gotten to spend with it so far I can say it is frustratingly difficult to play.

It isn't impossible, but Cuphead is a definite challenge, requiring you to play levels multiple times over until you've gotten the strategy down for beating a boss down to a step-by-step plan. You will need to get it down to a science if you're going for max grades and high scores.

I see Cuphead as being one of those games you play alone in chunks or else with another person that enjoys this Contra-esque sort of game.

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@platinumpluto: I've heard the same,Extremly difficult to play/master,but looks fun to play and it's only $26.00.

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It is definitely a difficult game, a lot of trial and error involved. Don't let the amazing art style fool you, this is considered a shoot-em-up and the difficulty in those games is part of their appeal and was expected for me. You can play with 2 players however(local play), and not all the levels are very difficult. Overall as far as this genre is concerned, I would say it is of medium difficulty, I played others in this genre that were far more difficult.

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@Alucard_Prime: I’m on the fence too, but what games in this genre have you played that were more difficult (that way maybe I’ll have something to compare it to). Thanks!

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@hondalover66: well a game like Ikaruga for instance, much more difficult. CupHead is more accessible and mainstream overall, the clean art style also helps you avoid stuff onscreen I depends on the person, I don't find CupHead incredibly hard because I have a lot of experience with these types of games but for someone who does not they may find it quite difficult.

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Extremly difficult to play.

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Yes get Cuphead, it is very hard but so much fun.
I found Super Meat Boy more challenging though

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If you want to rage, then yes

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Yes. Or wait for a physical edition.