Should I get a new XBOX360 and trade-in other game console for $$$ off?

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I have an old Wii that I've considered trading in before but I never did. I held onto it and it collects dust! New technology continues to come out and makes this stuff outdated. I have Wii Fit with Balance board for it and that's why I never wanted to sell it but I never use the Wii fit anyway. It seems like a good time to trade it. I can get $75 for it but the $75 will need to be spent on a new XBOX360. Should I buy a new XBOX360? The 360 would be at most $180 after trading the Wii and using the credit. I'd be trading for a 250GB 360 that would replace my 60GB Pro. I really don't play games that much though. I just play sports games every now and then. I would then take my older 360 and put it downstairs so that my parents could use it for Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, DVD's, etc. I can also play games if I feel like it down there. My 360 doesn't have WiFi so I can't stand that. Limited space is a bit of a pain, though I don't actually need the space but it would be nice to be able to have all the games and videos that I overpaid for a long time ago on the marketplace. It's also old and might crap out at any time (then I would definitely want another 360 right away) I'm almost thinking I shouldn't bother buying a new one since I have it already but I'm on the fence. I always wanted the newer one and this could break at anytime. Black Friday will probably be a good time to get one. I see the new Wii U and talks of new systems and I'm not sure I should buy the 360 yet. What do you all think I should do?
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If your old xbox is hungry for space just buy a new one with that trade in deal at Gamestop, but you do know you're not going to get a lot of money from selling all the Wii accesories and games and the Wii itself.

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buy more 360 games

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Never trade in a console... I wish I still had my PS3.

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