Sci-Fi Space Thriller "PREY" is now Xbox One-X Enhanced!!

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Yes!! Waiting for this news for a long time so I could do my 2nd playthrough! I thought they abandoned it.....One of the coolest sci-fi games I've recently played. Gameplay takes a little getting used to, I thought it was great fun though once I got accustomed to it and fine tuned the skills to my liking. I loved the setting and story....might as well check out this new Mooncrash DLC too:

Details below

The Prey reboot wasn't the resounding commercial success Bethesda hoped for, but that didn't rule out new content from the franchise in the future. A few months ago, Vice President Pete Hines said "I don't think you've heard the last of Prey. I just couldn't tell you precisely when you might hear more."

Yesterday, Bethesda announced that Prey was getting a free update alongside a major expansion called "Mooncrash". It would be available the same night for gamers around the world. However, what the company didn't mention was that it also comes with Xbox One X enhancements!

The game now renders at a higher resolution and seems to run better on Microsoft's hardware too. We played a few hours of Prey this morning and immediately noticed the difference. While the title doesn't appear to be running at 4K resolution, it's still a sharper experience than before. The previous frame rate issues don't seem to be a concern anymore.