Sci-Fi mystery exploration game "Outer Wilds" getting great buzz

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Looks nice, Sci-fi fans might want to check this one out, it is also out on Gamepass.

Something to do with a time loop, glanced at a few reviews and overall seems to be getting a good reception so far.

Synopsis from Wiki:

"Outer Wilds is an open world exploration action-adventure indie video game. In the game, the player-character finds themselves on a planet with only 20 minutes before the local sun goes supernova and kills them; the player continually repeats this 20-minute cycle but learning details that can help alter the outcome on later playthroughs"

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Yeah I played it and it's pretty good. Where is the Gamespot review?

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Downloaded it same time as I downloaded Void Bastards, started Void Bastards first but Outer Wilds looks good. Will start soon.

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@lamprey263: I've been playing Void Bastards too in the past few days, pretty cool overall, fun but difficult....addictive. Going to start Outer Wilds soon as well, I just love this kind of story reminds me of some past sci-fi stuff I really enjoyed. There was another very cool looking Sci-fi thriller called "Observation" released recently but that is only out on PS4/PC I believe, so I may need to check it out on my Pro later on when I have time, no word of an XOne release yet.

@xhawk27:yeah I found it weird they haven't reviewed it yet, movie reviews on the front page but not a cool looking indie game.... but I don't care in the end.