Roughly, How Long Do You To Play Your XBOX 360 Before It Overheats?

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#1 Posted by 69ANT69 (8472 posts) -

Sorry About The Long Topic Name!

I'm quite worried about my Xbox overheating, I was playing for about 4 hours yesterday and I feltthe side of my console and it was quite hot.

How long do you have to play it before it overheats and shuts down?

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#2 Posted by ak1knight (181 posts) -
I've played 12 hours straight without it overheating, and I've left it on overnight a couple of times and it never has overheated for me
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#4 Posted by Scarface_tm431 (10063 posts) -
I'm not exactly sure but I can guarantee you can go much longer then 4 hours...When I first picked up Oblivion I started playing when I got home (i'd guess maybe 8 or 9 then played straight through the night until around 9am. I'll never forget it, it was the first and only time I've played video games for so many hours straight, I find it even worse cause it was all on one game!

I also have some friends who pop in a movie when they go to bed, and so their 360's are on all night and they're fine
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#5 Posted by broke812 (970 posts) -
mine got the 3 red lights after i downloaded the C&C3 demo so it doesnt have to do with playing for too many hours in a row.
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#6 Posted by vashkey (33784 posts) -
My 360 has never over heated... or had any problems for that matter.
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#7 Posted by tribalTox (803 posts) -
Mine never did overheat. But i took sum vaction time from work and on the last day of my Vaction i did a 10 hour Oblivion Marathon! 4 days later it got the 3 red lights for the first time.
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#8 Posted by LordFlasheart11 (174 posts) -
That's weird, the same thing happened to me. I downloaded the C & C demo, started playing it and after a half hour it frooze up. After that it began freezing up even more until I suddenly got the 3 rings. Microsoft got me a new one and I haven't had any problems so far. Keep it in a cool place and it should be fine
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#9 Posted by SkillzLife (735 posts) -
How long? Okay, From the time it takes me to turn it on, and then pick up my controller. It is already over heating... Does that answer your question?
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#10 Posted by Stealth-Gunner (4166 posts) -
Electronics get hot, it's normal. I have my Xbox on all day sometimes for music or movies or w/e and it never overheats.
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#11 Posted by stygiansanity (3183 posts) -
longest I've played non-stop was probably a good 10-12 hours and I didn't have any issues.
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#12 Posted by Radiozo (2413 posts) -
If it overheats then there is something wrong with it. It should not overheat.
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#13 Posted by Hellcanwait (871 posts) -

I've had my 360 on ( and playing ) for more than 36 hours, without a problem.

It never gets beyond lukewarm.

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#14 Posted by Psmol200 (572 posts) -

What constitues OVERHEATING, are you talking about the console just getting hot...??

My Elite gets hot prob 20 min into playing, but i dont think its overheating.

I believe the console is going to get hot, no way around it..

Now does it get hotter and hotter the longer you play.... that i dont know...

Most ive had mine on so far is for about 2 games of NCAA 08

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#15 Posted by joemerchant2006 (145 posts) -
Here's an idea. If you're worried aboout it over heating, stick it in an open area. If you're still worried, get a $20.00 intercooler like I did. It works, trust me.
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#16 Posted by noobslaya1993 (119 posts) -

me n my brother together played the 360 4 almost 3 days striaghtwithout a problem......

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#18 Posted by Shattersword81 (218 posts) -

my console (nov 2005 manufacture date) runs fine. I play it for hours at a time, 6-8 hours some days. that includes xbox games, 360 games, arcade games, and downloading stuff.

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#19 Posted by Old_Gooseberry (3957 posts) -

me n my brother together played the 360 4 almost 3 days striaghtwithout a problem......


u and ur brother need 2 get a life


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#20 Posted by axes03 (4454 posts) -
ive had 20+ hours of gameplay during a weekend with my friends, no problems.i have my 360 flat on hollow cardboard box, imo it does the trick, since the heat doesnt build up under it
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#21 Posted by NinjaiOfDeath (512 posts) -

Wow, I recieved the 3 flashing red lights after downloading the C&C 3 Demo also. That's almost too many people for me to feel

comfortable about it.

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#22 Posted by Mcrrcoker (135 posts) -
I've played it for at least ten and watched movies after for atleast another 6 hours
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#23 Posted by BounceDK (7381 posts) -
The 360 gets hot in a matter of minutes and that's ok - Just keep it ventilated so it doesn't burn up. I'm gonna abuse it when I pop in Mass Effect, I'm quite sure I'll be playing straight for 12 hours or more until I beat the game. That's what I've been doing with all Bioware games because they simply kick ass and poor me can't stop playing them :)
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#24 Posted by fkholmes (8887 posts) -

Mine has never over-heated and I have had it for around a year.

Then again, the most I play it is if I get a new game and play it for like 6-10 hours.

Normally I only play for around 30 mins to 2 hours every week.

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#25 Posted by JohnWinger (1903 posts) -
20 mins or so
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#26 Posted by Food_Nipple (8379 posts) -

I have never had it overheat. I've had it freeze, but it has never overheated...maybe the brick has but not the system itself

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#27 Posted by Lilyungblood08 (380 posts) -
mine gets kinda hot like 30 min into da game but i wudent say it overheats
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#28 Posted by ekimis (123 posts) -
Bought mine at release and have never had any of the issues that I've heard people whine about. Only issue I can confirm is how load it is.
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#29 Posted by Gen007 (11006 posts) -
i know in the manual it says that if the 360 overheats it will shut down and not allow you to play until its ready again but i havent heard a single story about that happening you can plsy your 360 as long as you want. well unless it breaks of course and renember the side with teh fans is always going to be hot because thats were the heat is being blown out of you have to feel the top and bottom of teh 360. If those are really hot thats bad they should be warm at best
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#30 Posted by karmageddon2k4 (919 posts) -
So long as your 360 has sufficient space to breath you should be fine. I've played for 12 hours straight before and left it on over night sometimes and i've never had it overheat.
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#31 Posted by Bane_v2 (6104 posts) -
It doesn't continuously get hotter the longer it's on. It reaches an operating temperature and that's it, fluctuating between cooler when on the dashboard and warmer when playing a game. How long you leave it on is irrelevant. It's just like any other computer. My computer is on continuously six and a half days out of seven and has been for years. If it overheats and shuts off during normal use there is probably something wrong with it and you should think about calling 1-800-4my-xbox.
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#32 Posted by devil_1994 (596 posts) -
well mine gets hot 6 hours into playing but thats if i left it in an closed place but if i left it in an open place it never get hot and sometimes i leave it for days if iam doawnloading something and nothing happens
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#33 Posted by cecx (10568 posts) -
I played for 14-15 hours straight once when Crackdown came out and had no problems at all (and my wireless headset lasted the whole time without charging too 4 bars) and my controller only went down 1 bar I think. Poor kids think the 3 red rings is overheating lol. :lol: That means hardware failure, 2 is overheating and it will shut off immediately.
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#34 Posted by tgrace (442 posts) -
Mine first overheated after it was on for roughly 15 minutes. The other one in my house stays on for 10 hours a day without incident. That tells me that it is going to overheat if it was manufactured improperly and doesn't really have anything to do with the amount of time it is on.