Rip Games on xbox 360????

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hey everyone, i have read on a website that when the new update comes this fall for the xbox 360 you will be able to rip your games frum the xbox360 disk to the xbox hard drive itself. i find this hard to believe because wont people simply trade games and rip them instead of buying a game, or will they have a special code or something on each disk that only allows you to rip the disk on the gamertag that was signed on during its first ripping process? sorry if this is old news, i havent read up on updates for the 360 for awhile. please give me more information on this subject if its fact or fiction. thanks much. heres the quote from the web site:

"Players will be able to rip any Xbox 360 game past, present or future from their discs to their hard drive. This may speed load times, but more importantly for those of us who can't hear our vacuum and lawnmower over our 360, this means we can play games without a noisy disc-drive spinning."

and heres the site i read it on: MTV

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You will still need to have the disc to play the game. It just allows you to install parts of the game so it loads faster and the drive is quieter. The PS3 does a similar thing if you are familiar with that.
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oooh! ok thanks much!! because the way they explained it it was as if you can rip the full game n toss the cd. thanks for clearing that up