Recommendations of games for a 4 yr old?

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I've brought my spare xbox to my girlfriends house, her niece is often here and is always wanting to play with me on Xbox, I picked up happy feet 2, but was wandering if anyone has an ideas for some other games, full or arcade? Cheers
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If you have a kinect sesame street ounce upon a monster is supposed to be good

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both froggers are good. My daughter played them at her age and she like them. The Mrs and "Mr" Pac Mans are good for their age as well even though they don't get very far my daughter had fun trying at her age. Zuma's first stage can also be easy for them cause all they have to do is match up colors while shooting it with a ball. That's all i can think of atm, hope that helps and good luck btw, they are all on arcade and what a goooood way to score some browny points with your girl lol
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Their are quite a few Kinect games tailored to children that age. I know Kinect Sesame Street has been mentioned, but there is also Kinect Disneyland which I think they would enjoy. Kinect Adventures comes with the Kinect and I believe it would probably give some enjoyment as well. You could also get a few games for your own enjoyment on it. For example, Gunstringer is very enjoyable and if you have people over or enjoy dancing games yourself, Dance Central games are always pretty fun to play. Hope this helps!

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Fuzion Frenzy 2, she will love it. You can have up to 4 players locally all playing in the same screen at once. You will enjoy it too for a while until the voice over guy starts to drive you insane.

It's a full retail game and you should be able to pick it up quite cheap these days.

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Ilomilo is single or two player. It's a puzzle game with an almost perfect learning curve, starts off very simple, and little by little grows challenging. I'm sure the later levels are too challenging for her by herself, but on two players you could help her.

It's off the arcade, and there may be a free trial.

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Some of the earlier LEGO games would be perfect in playing co-op.

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Anything Kinect like Sports - with bowling, even Kinect Joy Ride or Adventures and/or any of the Kinect Pet games, Barbie, Nickelodeon, Disney/Pixar (there's a couple of those for Kinect also), or Lego should work. My neice also really liked Sonic Generations. Also, her favorite movie is Rio, so maybe the Rio game

I'm sure there are also a lot of Xbox Live game demos for most of those, and there are other Xbox Live arcade games that should work..

Edit: I remember when my younger sister was 4, she was given a copy of Super Mario Kart and my older sister and I really enjoyed playing it with her. Along those lines are the 2 Sonic All-Stars kart racing games which you and your girlfriend should aldo have fun with :)