Post Your Gaming/Electronics Purchases!

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Pre-ordered State of Decay 2 a couple of weeks ago,hoping it's going to be good?

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I recently bought overwatch. I love the game so much. I play it all the time

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I got Kung-Fu high impact and I am trying to make it work

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In love with fh3

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Pre-ordered Battlefield 5 Deluxe edition. Can't wait till it's release.

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I a new to xbox and here as well so plz ignore if i ask silly questions!

I was wondering as i dont have a us based cc or debist card nor a bank account nor a us address for my billing info, can i use the entropay virtual cc for buying xbox 360 backward compatible games on the xbone oneS? Like as of today or in this calendar has anyone used entropay cc? I am asking this bcz they are based in europe and they dont register the card with the name address routine and all that and xbox live takes that very seriously so will it work or will i rue the decision

I was hoping to get red dead redemption which is under 10 dollars on sale right now and also one can not redeem the free xbox games with gold for 360 titles unless u add a payment method and although i do have cc but i dont have a us cc so will the entropay cc details allow me to redeem the gold games as well and will rhe payment method work

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@BattleSpectre: I recently Just got Hitman On the Microsoft Store and Game Pass. In the game pass i got DmC, Terraria, and im getting other games aswell also Halo 5.

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i recentely bought the reddragon harpe keyboard and so far i am EXTREMELY HAPPY with it it has good response it dosent slide on my desk it has dedicated media keys and i like the color changing function its also mechanical so its pretty easy to use purchase link here:

i also recentely bought 7 days to die for xbox iv been playing for 8 hours straight its pretty good but its nothing compared to the pc version on steam link here: its currently on sale too

hope you find these as cool as i did

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Purchased Megaman:Legacy collection 1and 2. I'll play it when I have nothing else better to play. That may be a freaking long time from

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Recently bought Moto GP 18, Onrush, MXGP Pro & Sonic Mania the retail version :)

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Pre-ordered NHL 19,hopefully it's better than 18?

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Also pre-ordered RE 2. Looks freaking awesome.

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very good

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Pre-ordered Forza Horizon 4 and AC:O. Looking forward to FH4 a lot.

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I have a large collection of games, I just purchased Call of Duty:Black Ops 4. So far my favorite Call of Duty yet.

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They hate us cause they anus

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I prefer the Xbox one to the Pc because it is easier for me to play stuff on it than the Pc

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Just bought Ori and the Blind Forrest and think it's freaking great. 9/10. Recommend this game to anyone who hasn't tried it.

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The Evil Within 2 my last one!

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I recently picked up gears ultimate edition still looks incredible graphically. Don't know why I traded this in the first place.

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Pre-ordered Resident Evil 2 and now played it, probably the best RE to date. 9/10.

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Trials Rising: 9/10

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I purchased Dead or Alive 6 and it's pretty good. I like DoA 6 better then previous Dead or Alive games. Thinking about pre-ordering Mortal Kombat 11,but not sure if it's the right choice or not?

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@BattleSpectre: every. single. fallout game. EVER MADE!

also split second

the elder scrolls online



and some minecraft maps (bedrock edition as i dont have java as much as i want it)

i actually just remebered i dont have fallout 4 only a game pass trial for it so yet another game i want badly but just cant afford

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Hey, I just bought my dream gaming headset - PDP Afterglow AG 9 Wireless Headset for Xbox One.

After using it all I can say is it's just INCREDIBLE. Super sound quality and exceptionally comfortable.

If you want to know more read an awesome review here: