Post Your Gaming/Electronics Purchases!

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I had purchased my game card as well as top up Steam Wallet at ON9GAMER website. It is the trusted online seller seen i had purchased from it for a long way. However, i had seen Xbox live card also sold on the site, thus you may go take a look if you are interested to it.

On9Gamer link provided:

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Dirt 4, Flatout 4, Diablo 3, Fallout 4, so a lot of sequels lol.

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Gamestop B2G1 pickups: Overwatch, CoD: Infinite Warfare; Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster.

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Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

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Pinball FX3.Even though it,s free and get 1 pinball table free,I recommend it to anyone.I plan to purchase more tables at a later date.

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Bought MKXL a couple of days ago and have yet to try the it's good???

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sounds great

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recently, I heard a new game called Mars Alive. seems like so many people are waiting for this game, guys, do you hear about this game?

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I picked up Red dead redemption , max payne 3 , Halo 3 ODST (first time playing ODST).

All for $10 at my local game store. they have so many duplicate games so they are selling most games for 1 - 6 dollars lol.

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Purchased Halo 5/Gears of War 4 bundle for $35.Great value. The only problem is that it took so much space on my hard drive.A massive 96.5 GB on Halo 5 and 90.1GB for Gears of War 4.I think I am going to get a separate hard drive for my

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Last purchase was an accident :P. $10 worth of friggin cod points on BO3 that Microsoft wouldn't refund.

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xbox 360 s

Honor 7x

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I bought PUBG and I haven't played it yet.Holidays,work,etc ....I will be playing PUBG this weekend,hope it's good. Also got Resident Evil 4,Hoping that's good when I have a chance to play it for the first time. Happy New Year everyone.

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I got an invite to a study on gaming. I thought it was BS at first but I looked up the company and they we're totally legit. I did an online video chat for like an hour and they sent me a $150 cash check. They have studies on a variety of topics from gaming to pets. no gimmicks or strings attached. Sign Up.. it's easy money

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Purchased GTA V and Halo Wars 2. Both are good games.

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Mainly just the X & 4K tv, and some games like Forza 7 :)

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Re-purchased Battlefield 4.Last time I played Battlefield 4 it was plagued with all sorts of glitches and so on,loving the DLC,just don't have Final Stand DLC. Not as good as Battlefield 1,but BF4 is probably the second best of the series,in my opinion.

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AfterGlow Controller and Headset

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Wow, this thread started almost 3 years ago and has only made it to the 4th page.

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I took my nephews (9 and 10) to gamestop yesterday, to get them some new xbox games. We left with need for speed: rivals, a mlb game and a couple of budget priced sports titles. I’ll be calling them in a little bit for their thoughts. I was inspired to buy need for speed for my console at home (for less than half the price we spent at gamestop) after getting it for them.

My one nephew really lit up when looking at the box of forza horizon 3 at the store but he decided he’d prefer several cheaper ones for the same price. I decided to order it for his birthday online, after i got home. I hope he loves it as much as he wanted it.

Anyone here have forza? Will it qualify me as being the “cool uncle” when he receives it in a couple weeks? Lol.

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@rhoadsxiommi: Forza:Horizon 3 is a classic.You or your nephew won't be disappointed with that game.Probably the best of the entire Forza series.

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Picked up NHL 18 a couple of days ago,enjoying it. 7/10

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Just bought UFC 3 and I love it

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@BattleSpectre: just commenting so i can make new thread sorry

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I'm sure if you loved New Order you will enjoy The Old Blood the gameplay for both games are very similar.


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I'm a little confused on whether I should get the new PS4 or the new Xbox? Any recommendations??

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Bought Fallout 4 and Tekken 7. Haven't played them yet,going to this weekend.

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Also bought Farcry 5. Going to give it a go today.

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PS3 dark souls 2

Xbox one sunset overdrive

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Speaking of which, I have a PS4 pro for sale (5 months) for half the price.

Don't worry, am not going to miss out on anything because I have two PS4 pro.

Anyone who is interested should contact me via my wall.