please insert this disc into a 360 consol

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#1 Posted by JetB1ackNewYear (2931 posts) -
Everytime i put my gears in i get this message in like 13 diffrent languages. I dont understand every other game works 100% fine. I even swaped my gears disk out 2 times this is my 3rd one. but everytime i put it in that white screen comes up has anyone else had this problom and fixed it i mean its jsut one game i miss playing gears but i Can live without it.
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I love getting that error message, it makes me laugh. All I do is turn the console off then on and it reads the disc fine
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Well.. Just a wild guess, but maybe you've got some security things turned on, and your Xbox 360 won't let you play them if you're younger than 18 years of age.

Try contacting Microsoft if it keeps happening.

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Your DVD rom drive is failing
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#5 Posted by JetB1ackNewYear (2931 posts) -

Your DVD rom drive is failinggdogghenrikson

yeah but i have like 17 other 360 games that play 100% fine its just gears lol

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DVD might have dust/scratches on it? Which would mean that sometimes it reads fine and then other times it doesn't.
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Oh no, not the hair scratches and cracks!
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Oh no, not the hair scratches and cracks not visible to the human eye!
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When that happens, I just keep on reloading the disc and restarting the console for at least 3-4 times. If it doesnt work, its either I go out to replace it or play frisbee with my dog.
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#10 Posted by mortzilla3 (357 posts) -
Never had this problem.
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i donno its the 3rd one all in mint condition i guessjust no gears untill 2 comes out :(
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My console sometimes does this but I just take out the disk and clean it and put it back in and it works fine
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#14 Posted by jbuckley15 (294 posts) -
mine does that crap too with my Mass Effect disc, other sites are saying that the drive is going bad, and a red ring is on the way, good thing for the extended warranty for the RRoD!;)
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mine started doin that after i moved the system from vertical to horizontal and burned the laser on the dvd. left a nice big circular scratch on the dvd.

it will get worse over time.

i tried cleaning the laser a few times. it didnt help.

i ended up replacing the laser because M$ was going to charge me 150 bucks to fix it, since it wasnt RROD related.

by the time i decided to fix it no 360 games would recognize in my system (it would take 30 min to an hour of booting and rebooting to get it to play)

works like new now.

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#16 Posted by silentlord833 (1336 posts) -
If the disc doesn't "look" bad, it may still be messed up, if you are one of those people who leave discs out of the case (and put them face down so that they don't get scratched) there is a possibility that the disc sat in direct sunlight for long enough, it could get warped or heated up to a point that it won't work, it happened to a friend with a few CD's that he left in the back of his car (I know two different formats, and a car will get much hotter than a house but it is a possible reason). His CD's looked fine, but they would not play, could be a similar thing.
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this happens with assassins creed to
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#18 Posted by smoore96 (25 posts) -
this happens with assassins creed to
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#19 Posted by hteitorlovit (97 posts) -
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I know the screen. It's white, and it says something about putting the disc in a 360 console and how this "DVD" cannot be played then a bunch of different languages.

My 360 used to do this with NBA 2K7 only, then it started doing it with BioShock, then it did it did it with ALL games, then it would make a weird scratching noise when the discs would stop spinnning, then my warranty ran out, then I had to get a new 360.

Send it in for repairs before it's too late. It'll just get worse.

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#21 Posted by msyticalchaos (25 posts) -
mine started doing that and then i got the RRoD send it in for repairs before your warranty runs out
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mine does that crap too with my Mass Effect disc, other sites are saying that the drive is going bad, and a red ring is on the way, good thing for the extended warranty for the RRoD!;)jbuckley15
its nowt to do with the red ring. that wont happen. if you get this its funny at first but trust me even if you get it with just one game but consistantly and the disc is fine then your dvd is on the way out. what happens is with some of the discs that use up max capacity of dvd in a certain format is the lazer is going and cant perform to that level. it reads the disc and it only sees the dvd partition on the disc. you'll notice it says PLAY DVD in the dvd tray if when you boot up ur xbox it goes to dashboard not the game by default. that put this in a xbox 360 is a video dvd part of the disc bascially so if you put it in a pc or dvd player or another console they would read it as a dvd and show the put it in a xbox movie. what will happen is it gets worse. ive had it happen to one of my xboxes. mine used to happen with pgr4. at first it only popped up once then never seen it for week or two. then it slowly gets worse and worse to the point where it comes up everytime i put the game in my drive. so i end up turning on and off or ejecting and reloading the disc till it eventually works. which was tollarable to a point. then as it gets worse one day you'll be playing the game and the game will stop and bring up the dashboard saying DISC UNREADBLE. when this starts to happen every few times you play the game that takes dozen times to load then for me anyway my dvd was sharp on its way out. a few other of my newer games like halo 3, mass effect and a few others out before xmas also had started to do it and were doing it more every time i played. my discs were fine and wernt getting scratched or anything . but then about 2-3 weeks after my first disc unreadble on the pgr4 while playing i had put mass effect in and then started to hear some real dodgy noises from the dvd and it loaded and disc unreadble on the menu. then i rebooted and it made even more noises really bad. then it just said on the dvd drive on the dashboard OPEN TRAY as if they wasnt a disc in. so i open eject it would just say open tray and kick up some crazy noise. then i had to take it back to gamestation and they gave me a new console on the same day as a replacement. but its a dvd drive on the way out. if you got limited warranty left from your normal first year id sugget taking it back sharpish. beef it up saying alot of games particuarlly gears keep saying disc unreable etc and hopefully you get ur xbox swapped before the warranty kicks off as the dvd drives aint covered under 3 years rrod warranty
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hi i have been reading some of the messages and i thought i would give some a try but when i gave them a try none of that worked i even opend up most of my xbox and the dust was unbelivabul so i removed the dust and thought that may work but no it still doesnt work every time it just keeps sayin to play tis game insert it into a xbox 360 consol but wtf it is a xbox 360 consol and i dont under stand now it wont let me play eny games it says that every time i was trying to get it to work for about 2 hours nothing but it isnt with just one game it is with them al but supprisignly it lets me play dvd's very confusing... help!!!! got eny suggestions for me???? :(
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well my brand new out of box on;ly 2 months old 360 is not playimng rainbow six vegas but reads every other game i dont het error messages but it freezes and resets

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My brother had the same problem with Oblivion, however, Game wouldn't give him a new copy of the game so he demanded for a replacement 360 considering he was well within his Game warranty and after that it worked fine. All I can suggest is cleaning the disk, maybe getting it resurfaced for about £3 and if you have the option use your warranty to get a replacement console.

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I had this problem with PGR3 and never could get it to work, so I just took the game back. Rockband didn't even get rocognized the other night until i took it out and reloaded it. Maybe I'm going to be hacing the same problem you are :(