Open World games?

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Any games you would reccomend with a big open world to explore???

I already own Fallout 3, so any other you would reccomend?

Also games with alot of power ups etc.


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Sounds like you want Crackdown or Prototype.

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Red faction guerrilla was really fun for me , they give me reward for destroying stuff

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Saints row 2 and bully. 2 of the funniest games ive ever played.

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Well, if you liked Fallout 3 then you would LOVE Oblivion, it's made by the same people and it's the same exact style/gameplay (customizable character, main quests, side quests, weapons, items, etc.) it just that Oblivion is Medieval but you can do all the things you can in Fallout 3 if not more. You can cast spells and make your own and enchant items (if your into the whole "power-up thing, you might like that kinda' stuff) and toggle 1st and 3rd person. The only thing that's different is no V.A.T.S :P I got it just recently because I played it at a friends house and thought it was great and like I said if you were a fan of Fallout 3 you'd definitely like Oblivion. Another great thing about it is after I got so used to staring at destroyed buildings, Barron wastelands and rubble in Fallout 3, I played Oblivion and found that the scenery was full of Lush green grass, plants, and tree's and it Has some incredible landscapes like snow-capped mountains and forests so you would love the open world wandering in that. Another great game is Fable 2 that's open world too and it's really fun. :D

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I think AC 2 falls into that category.

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Oblivion is an older game, but it is amazing. Also, if you're into open world racing, check out Burnout Paradise or Fuel.
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Red faction guerrilla was really fun for me , they give me reward for destroying stuff



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My fav open world game is AC2, it's simply amazing. GTA4 is not bad as well.
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Borderlands and Red faction guerrilla are very good.Oblivion and Prototype are also good.But AC2 it is just amazing,it is not like a FPS but it is like Prince of persia with a big open world to explore.
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Grand Theft Auto 4, Saints Row 2, Red Faction Guerilla are my favourites.