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Got a One X back in August and a few different games have frozen on it.

Two I know of for sure, Watch Dogs 2 (last night) and Splinter Cell Double Agent(360). Pretty sure Just Cause 3 has at some point also. NFS Payback and Mass Effect Andromeda may have as well. (JC3 is digital, rest are physical). Sometimes the console restarts, other times I'm able to go back to the home screen.

It is still within the 90 day warranty, do you think I should consider talking to customer support? Do you think they might replace it? I'm skeptical since, it isn't a consistent problem.

Just about every console freezes up occasionally but I'm concerned this might get worse over time.

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Just get a new one while you can do it for free. That's not normal, I've been playing on the X a lot lately and have absolutely no issues.

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Never had that issue, only quick advice I can give is if you are using an external Hard drive, try moving your game to the internal drive and see if the issue persists. I had a similar problem on the base console, and it turned out that it was the external HDD I had at the time that was dying, the console itself was fine.

Otherwise you probably should go with @phbz 's suggestion

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Take it back - that’s not normal and it may get worse. Be happy your warranty is in tact.

One issue I have is sometimes I turn it on and I have to sign in my saved XBL account and occasionally I have to exit my YouTube account and reload it to recognize my google info. It’s not a big problem, just a click or two, but my OG X1 never did that. Anyone have this issue with their X1X? My warranty has long expired.

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Otherwise you probably should go with @phbz 's suggestion