No achievements or save syncing for Xbox 360 BC games on XB1?

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I remember it being announced a short while back with one of the last couple XB1 updates that BC games would count toward monthly achievement tallies. Then in the last week or so noticed that when I play Xbox 360 games on XB1 via BC that it says I log into XBL when it's emulating, but the emulated Xbox 360 dash that pops up when I hit start/select (or whatever it's called now) shows I am not logged in, when i try connecting online it boots me to the XB1 network settings which shows evwrything okay, but not back in emulation, so achievements I earn aren't syncing online. I am not sure if game saves are backing up to cloud either. I am a bit confused by this. I thought maybe MS might be trying to tinker with XBL via BC to make things more stable, or maybe this is all on my end.

I guess, wondering if anybody else had these issues and if it is an XBL thing right now or if this is happening just on my end.

Also, I research the error code and found solutions but only works when running on actual Xbox 360, not on XB1 via BC, so a bit confused of what I should do.

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Haven't noticed sorry, but then again it has been a few weeks since I earned a 360 achievement I believe....hopefully like you said they are tinkering around with something and should be resolved soon....will post again if I notice something later