Ninja Gaiden 2, Splinter Cell Double Agent & more are X-Enhanced!

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Superb news, action hack & slash title Ninja Gaiden 2 is now BC and X-Enhanced.

Other titles such as Fable 2 and Splinter Cell who were already Backwards Compatible have now been X-Enhanced as well.

Recently confirmed during the Inside Xbox Episode. 6 games in total, including Splinter Cell Double Agent, Blacklist, and Conviction.... Good stuff, a welcome surprise for fans of those games and owners of the X! Personally I'm pleased to see Double Agent enhanced, one of the few stealth-based games I remember enjoying on the 360. This title is voiced by veteran actor Michael Ironside who was not in Blacklist.

Glad to see NG2 as well, a highly regarded, brutal action game which, unlike Ninja Gaiden Black, will support achievements as well since it is a 360 title.

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Nice, loved NG2 years ago, wonder if it still holds up but will be worth checking out. Good excuse too to revisit Splinter Cell games. Not sure if I ever touch Blacklist though, for sure played other two.

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I played a little of Double Agent and it holds up fine, I don't think the cutscenes have been upgraded but the 4K really makes a nice difference for the rest, game has a clean look overall now. Always interesting playing an older game like this and you see how the times have changed.

I Wanna check out Fable 2 as well, I loved that game and it had a cool art style, curious how it looks now.

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Ninja Gaiden Black is one of the best action games ever and Ninja Gaiden 2 is a lot of fun as well. Love that excessive gore.

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Sounds good I think I will finish Seiko first since I recently started it, and if I can tear myself away from The Division 2 long enough I want to play NG2 next, it must look really nice with the upgraded res. I was a huge fan of the NES NG 1-3, never really had the chance to go though NG Black or NG2 from start to finish but I did play Black recently and it held up nicely....sick action, brutal difficulty.

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Might as well mention this here, Ninja Gaiden 3 is backwards compatible today, confirmed by M Neslon....i dont think its X-enhanced though, but awesome news nonetheless