Need help decide which game to buy?!?!

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Poll: Need help decide which game to buy?!?! (11 votes)

NFS: Rivals 9%
Forza 5 27%
Ryse 55%
NBA 2k14 0%
AC: Black Flag 9%

I'm picking up my X1 this friday and I've already decided to get BF4, Ghosts and FIFA 14 so far, I need one more game but I can't decide which one, maybe you guys can help me :), I just need a game that I won't get bored of it after a week loll, thanks in advance.

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Wowwww Gamespot forums is a ghost town now, going to IGN, byeeee..

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#2 Posted by KingJuggaNott (217 posts) -

I'm gonna just wild out and purchase a few games. I'm gonna go with Ryse, NBA 2K14, and Battlefield 4. I'm just wondering if I should get Need for Speed.

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Forza 5 without a doubt (then again I am a car nut, I live, eat and breathe cars lol) so if you too are into the motorsport/car scene I suggest getting this game because I can see it keeping me busy for a very LONG time (I really doubt it'll disappoint review wise too i'll go ahead and guess an 8/10 on Gamespot). If that's not your cup of tea then i'd go either Ryse which i think will be a hit or miss or Dead Rising 3.

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Get Ryse and Forza 5.

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I would say Ryse

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I'd say either Ryse or Forza 5. Personally I'm getting those 2 games, CoD and FIFA at launch.

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I would go with Ryse just from the games you already are getting. Ryse looks like it can be a sleeper hit.