Need for Speed Rivals Questions/Need Advice

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I just started playing nfsr and I'm having trouble with the online all drive. Can't seem to join and can't hear other players. Help. Thanks


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Don't have the game no more, but I put in over 20 hours in 2-3 weeks when it came out and the online part was pretty much didn't want to work most of the time

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Yeah I lose connection on the PS4 version a fair bit. Gets annoying.

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I haven't played mine yet so I don't know.

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Well I haven't played in a while but all drive seems to have some problems with connection issues like dropping out of games. But it only happened to me a few times.

The voice chat has a option to turn on or off, maybe check that.

If you want to avoid all connection issues you can go just play a private session and do the career stuff but the only downside is the racers being bots.