NBA 2K12 Servers Down As Of 11/1/2012

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This message came from the 2KSports Customer Support Supervisor concerning NBA 2K12 servers being down.


Christopher Z., Nov 05 11:04 (PST)

As of 11/1/12, all of the 2K Sports servers (with the exception of NBA 2K13 and MLB 2K12) are now offline. We do not have any information that leads us to believe these online features will be turned back on. If you have any questions, please visit the following page:

Please note that we, here at 2k Sports Customer Support, do not have any further information regarding the status of these servers. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Best regards,

Christopher Z.----------------------------------------------


Here is the link about the news.

I am not happy about this and I'm sure many other NBA 2K fans are flipping out right now since both NBA 2K11 and NBA 2K12 were probably the BEST b-ball game every created. Online play for these 2 games should NEVER EVER be turned off. 2KSports have not replied or made any announcement about this, which is making more people angry. I have no plans on buying the next NBA 2K game as I could literally just play NBA 2K11 and NBA 2K12 for the next 5 years. 2KSports needs to get this resolved quickly.

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That stinks, now pretty much makes the game worthless without online play.
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I completely agree. It's funny that they never made any public announcement about this. I'm hoping they are just getting bigger servers and it will come back up, but they really need to make some kind of public announcement so everyone knows.