NAT - how to get UPnP port open

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Hey, does anybody have the steps to opening up the UPnP port for a Windows Vista computer. I'm on a network bridge for my xbox live and my nat is strict i need to open up UPnP but dont know how for Windows Vista ANYONE???

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I think this might help you. Also, if you're connecting through a router, be sure that has UPnP enabled as well in the router configuration page.

Good Luck.

EDIT: Did you really have to make two topics.. ? lol

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EDIT: Did you really have to make two topics.. ? lol


That's what kids do when they don't get an answer. He'll probably make another one after this, too.

OP, a word of advice...When you ask such a question, make sure to give people as much info as possible. UPnP is done through your router. So what kind of router do you have?

And the fact that your NAT is strict probably has a lot to do with the fact that you're using a bridge. So I'm assuming, using your wireless laptop to connect. If that's the case, that's the problem.

The laptop setup isn't an "official" one, and therefore doesn't work right. It CAN be done, yes. But it takes constant re-configuration.