my friend's xbox won't read discs anymore, what should i do?

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will he have to send it in?

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will he have to send it in?

pretty much yeah, ill have to do the same myself too it seems
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Well there are 2 things you can do, one is to get a DVD laser cleaner disc, and run that through, but make sure you try and find one that is designed for gaming systems, as certain types can just scratch the laser eye. You can also get a bottle of compressed air for cleaning computer cases and such, but make sure it's moistureless air, and not some cheap leaky crap. Just open up the disc drive tray, and stick the nozzle in a couple inches and give it a few gentle blasts of air.

Both of these tricks really only work if it's a dusted up laser or some other dirty internal component that isn't working correctly because of internal dust buildup. If you don't have an older console and or you don't live in a dusty house or area, it's not all that likey that that's the problem. There is also a small risk of doing more damage than good since an improper cleanser disc can damage the laser, and if your not careful with the compressed air, you could potentially do internal damage to the 360.

However, if it's not reading discs anyway, it doesn't really matter if you brick the system by trying either one of these, and niether one requires you to open up the case of the console, so they don't void the warranty.

My Elite just lost it's disc drive, so I know your friends pain, and I was told it would be an extra long wait from MS, so I'm currently on week 3 without a console while I wait for Best Buy to get more in stock so I can use my PRP and get a new Elite.

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The DVD drive is probably worn out, meaning he will have to send it in.
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What you should do is get your friend to send the console in to be fixed. that is if you are a good friend.

If not so good a friend, buy it off him cheaply. buy a new dvdrom from ebay, replace dvdrom and resell the working unit on ebay for a profit.

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Dec 16, 2007 12:27 pm GMT

ok my system was bought right after launch (around jan) when the systems were sold out of most places, i had to settle for the core system (no hard drive, wired controller and regualar audio video cables.) had to buy all the good stuff a month or 2 later.

my problem so far hasnt been the RROD (thank god) mine has been my 360 was thinking it was a regular xbox system.

about a year ago i started getting a white screen that said "To play this disc, please insert it into an xbox 360 console" in like 10 different languages when trying to boot up a 360 game. ( only 360 games, it would play regular xbox games and dvds perfectly)

it usually took 20 to 30 tries over 30 minutes to boot up a 360 game if the system was hot (had been playing over an hour) but 5 to 10 tries or 10 minutes if the system hadnt been played that day.

i finally got fed up and bought a 60 dollar replacement dvd drive off the internet (these drives cannot be placed directly into the system because they need to be flashed first, i didnt have the hardware to flash the drive so me and a friend decided to disect the laser out of the new drive and replace my old laser.) this worked.

i think when i first got my 360 i had it standing vertically and accidently nudged it while the disc was spinning and it deeply scratched my oblivion disc. this damaged the laser.

also my bud made a mistake when ordering the drive, he thought i had the hitachi and ordered it, but in reality i had a toshiba.

it didnt matter though, the laser fit in the system and works fine.

hope this helps any experiencing this problem.

and before anyone says why didnt you send it to microsoft.....the 3 year warranty is only for RROD not anything else, and when i called the first time about this problem over a year ago, my warranty was dead by 6 months, they filed my problemalong with my name and info onto a computer with my boxes serial number,and i was going to be charged 150 for a refurbished system....

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no gurantee left then phone up and lie, 3 lights then if they return the same console and the drive aint fixed phone up and tell them the drives broke and was fine before the 3 lights

few people i know done this and it works, they never had to rerturn it a 2nd time as they got different consoles back instead of they original one with the dodgy dvd drive, just dont tell them about dvd when u phone it in only rrod

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mines was doing the same thing i took the DVD drive apart in the DVD ROM they are to silver poles witch the laser rides on and the have to be greased or the laser will become sluggish and give you trouble well there was some dust in the pole and must haved sucked up all the grease so i took them out greased them put it all back together and it played gta4 right of the bat then about a week ago i hit the 360 while i was backing away fROM putting gta4 in and blam scratch scratch and crack i taught i broke gta4 buuuuuuuttttt i broke the laser and **** the hell out of my gta4 so i got the game replaced by Microsoft and laser from and all is good

gta4 + xbox360 = happiness

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buy your own?
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You could just laugh at your friend :D That's what I did.
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Ok just a suggestion. Mine was doing this just a second ago and wouldn't work. Turned it off and on again, unplugged and replugged and also tried diff games. Nothing worked so I got pissed off and hit the top of it. Now it works =] maybe something was outa place I dunno. But if your gonna send it in anywaygiving it a little hit can't do much harm can it?

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will he have to send it in?

you should check out the broken 360 discussion thread in the 360 forums, it is very informative and you should find more than enough advice to help you out, it helped me a lot
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[QUOTE="w4rgasm"]You could just laugh at your friend :D That's what I did.

you guys can be so cruel somtimes,lol
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lol. Or get a pistol and shoot it to blow it up.

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No these people at Sony came out with something to make the xbox read discs again, its called the ps3. Yeah you buy this "Ps3" for 400 dollars and it fixes everything. It even comes with blu-ray player and free internet that supports dedicated servers. You this is probably your best solution.

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will he have to send it in?

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will he have to send it in?


This whole thread only really needed that one answer.
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You could also borrow his HDD and download the games he plays onto it using your 360 (hopefully he has a 120GB HDD). Still rather inconvenient for him until he does get it repaired.
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i'm agree with delta3074...maybe you can get an useful information...

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You should stop being friends with him.