My controller's L1 button doesn't work! Any solution or workaround?

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I just bought Xbox one from my friend and he told me that L1 key is not working properly, and he also told me that don't try to get it fixed and buy a new one!

So I want to ask that what if I go to get it fixed by myself by opening it as he mentioned that it has a spring in it so that spring is not working properly and you can't get it fixed!

And the other is thing is that my other controller start the same issue which means both controllers have the same problem of L1!

Any solution or workaround?

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If it is already broken, then opening it shouldn't be a cause for concern because what's the worst that could happen? It's already not working so you're not losing anything if you can't fix it. I've opened a fair share of Xbox controllers and they're relatively simply built, so you might be able to fix it.

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@sheephats: ok thanks then I will give a try